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Have you turned your heating on yet?

In the game to save money, many of us take pride in our ability to delay firing up the radiators

With the air only just starting to chill ready for this year’s Winter, many of us will be making or delaying the decision to up energy expenditure and start warming our homes.

Last year 75% of households had turned their heating on by the end of October.*



Back in April uSwitch research revealed how for Winter 2014/15, those of us who were reluctant to turn the heating on took preventative measures in an effort to reduce energy spend.

83% of us put on more layers, and 65% used a blanket when sitting down to achieve a comfortable temperature. 42% left the oven door open after cooking, 24% wore a coat, scarf or hat indoors, and 7% went to public places to feel warm — such as coffee shops.**

*Survey conducted by YouGov between 17th and 27th October 2014 amongst 5,262 UK energy consumers (aged 18+). Customers were asked their opinions on a wide range of issues relating to satisfaction with their energy suppliers. The figures have been weighted.

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  • Willy Eckerslyke

    What’s all this about “radiators” My only heating is a woodburner and it’s extremely efficient. I get warm when I fell the trees, I get warm when I transport them home, I get warm when I cut them up at home, I get wartm when I stack the logs and finally, I get warm when I burn them.
    What other form of heating gives 5 “boosts” and is free (apart from a small amount of fuel for my chainsaw and a small amount of petrol collecting the wood<

    • Linda R

      The house I live in and all in this road were built in the late 1950s when they thought the blow out type of central heating would be the way forward. That had to be taken away 10 yrs ago (Council House) and we have radiators – no fireplaces no chimneys. All double glazed windows and a double glazed back door but terrible draughts from the still there old single glazed front door so wasting ££££s from my Pension.