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Bills survey highlights regional differences with energy

Bills survey highlights regional differences with energy

NatWest's survey of 1856 consumers, aged 18 and over, set out to reveal measures people take regarding household bills.

With some of their current accounts, NatWest allows account holders to receive up to 3% rewards on selected household bills — triggering this research on opinions towards them.

With much of the research focusing on energy, some insightful regional differences show how energy conscious parts of Great Britain consider themselves, and how some of us try and reduce the woes of energy bills.

Saving on energy

After council tax, energy was rated as the worst household bill in the survey in terms of value for money. Despite this, of those sampled, only a third claimed they shop around for better deals on household bills.

Smart tech in the energy market such as smart meters and thermostats has got more people interested in saving energy in the home, however the NatWest survey found that these are often people who do not consider themselves as being energy conscious with their household in general.

Older parents are the most likely to teach their children about ways to save money and be conscious with their energy usage.

Regional variation

Yorkshire and Humber and the East of England are said to be the areas most likely to shop around for a better energy deal. Those living in Scotland are as likely to shop around for a better deal, however they are also the highest proportion of people to admit they do not consider themselves energy conscious.

London, due to its high proportion of renters, is the area with the lowest uptake of energy saving measures. It is also an area where people are less likely to shop around for a better deal on their household bills, including energy.

Wales was ranked as the 5th most cost affective area of the uk to live when it comes to household bills.

Wales is very focussed on energy efficiency measures and products; energy saving lightbulbs and new boilers are common purchases, as well being less likely to leave things on standby. Wales however, surprisingly, have a low knowledge and uptake of government schemes to save money on bills such as warm home discount for energy.


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