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Sports TV marathons to cost £9million this summer

Sports TV marathons to cost £9million this summer

Whether you're an athletics fan, have religiously been following Euro 2016, or have been excited about the prospect of another Murray Wimbledon win, chances are you'll be racking up a lot more TV hours than usual this Summer.

New research from Uswitch illustrates just how this relentless summer of sport will effect Brit's energy bills with an increased spend of £9million collectively.

71% are set to watch at least one major sporting event on TV this Summer; the most popular being the Euro 2016 tournament (42% of people), the forthcoming games in Rio (42%), Wimbledon (38%), Formula 1 (22%), the Paralympics (17%), the Tour de France (12%) and the French Open (10%).

Brits' dedication to sport is so strong it seems to know no bounds — one in ten admitted to potentially pulling a sickie or missing a friend or family member's birthday just to avoid missing a game they want to see.

The best view in the living room

However, it's not just energy costs that mount up over such an exciting sporting period. As the average Brit prepares to spend 35 hours in front of the TV, it seems many of us are keen to use it as an excuse to upgrade our current TV set-up. Over one in ten told Uswitch that the size of their TV influences their enjoyment of sport, and nearly one in ten admit they have bought or are planning to buy a new TV for this summer.

While half of those surveyed currently own a medium-sized TV (33-45 inches), 45% said that if money was no object, they’d opt for a larger one (46 inches or more) – which could lead to even greater energy consumption in the future.

Cover the extra costs

With 70% of consumers on expensive energy tariffs, sports fans could collectively save almost £2 million from their bills, simply by switching to better energy deals. Some sports fans even have the potential to save over £400.

Tom Lyon, energy expert, says:

"Hours sat in front of the TV is many a sport fan’s dream, but it will add to already high energy bills. Switching energy provider could save Brits over £400 a year, more than covering the extra cost of watching sports this summer."

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