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Meet the Small Suppliers: Robin Hood Energy

The first ever local-authority-owned energy supplier talks about their big plans to tackle fuel poverty

Our Meet the Small Supplier series features smaller, independent gas and electricity suppliers of the UK. We interview them to find out more about who they are, what makes them different and why you might choose to switch your energy to them.

robin hood energy

As Robin Hood Energy’s Customer Services Manager, Jade Kirk describes how the energy industry’s first ever not-for-profit gas and electricity supplier came to be — and where they’re headed next.

uSwitch: Can you tell us a bit about Robin Hood Energy’s beginning and how you got to where you are now?

Jade Kirk: We launched in September 2015 with the aim of tackling fuel poverty and providing low cost energy to households across Britain. So many people didn’t understand their bills and weren’t happy with the big six energy suppliers, so we decided to set up the industry’s first, not-for-profit, local-authority-owned energy supplier.

We’re still under a year old but we’d like to think we’ve helped our customers get a better deal on their energy and given them an alternative to the “traditional” energy suppliers out there.

uSwitch: What makes Robin Hood Energy unique in the energy market?

Jade Kirk: Being the first ever, local-authority-owned, not-for-profit energy supplier is the obvious thing. We have no private shareholders or any director bonuses to pay, meaning we can make sure that our customers get the best deals available to them. In addition to that, we genuinely want to tackle fuel poverty across Britain and help our customers get a better understanding of their energy usage, and suggest ways that they can reduce their bills through energy saving tips. It may sound cliché, but this is the company’s mission and has been right from the very start.

uSwitch: Can you describe Robin Hood Energy’s philosophy in one sentence?

Jade Kirk: We’re tackling fuel poverty and helping customers take control of their energy.

uSwitch: Anything else you’d like to say about Robin Hood Energy?

Jade Kirk: We have a lot of very exciting things happening at Robin Hood Energy that will not only help us achieve our goal of tackling fuel poverty, but enable us to provide an even better experience for our customers — watch this space!

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    I am with first utility, I was paying £40 a month they said I was outside of my usage so they raised my direct debit to £51 a month, I have just submitted a reading 71491 for my electricity and 06169 for my gas now I watch T.V. for six hours a day I only cook by electricity for an hour or two at the most per day and have a shower once a day that use gas, I only have the central heating on in the winter months and then only for two of three hours how can I be using so much.

    • Damien

      Remember a lot of companies now have standing rate charges that can charge about 30p a day just for having the privilege of gas or electric without even using it!. I cant comment with just one reading or knowing the tariff your on but these standing charges really get annoy me at the moment.