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Almost 80% of smart meter users would recommend them to others

Smart Energy GB’s biannual report shows positive reception to the Government’s smart meter rollout

smart meter ihds

As the smart meter rollout continues to progress, Smart Energy GB have released the latest edition of their outlook report. It summarises national public opinion to smart meters from both those who do and don’t have them.

Everyone should be offered smart meters by 2020, with the ability to accept or decline, as preferred. For those who have already had one installed, this new research suggests 79% would recommend smart meters to others; this recommendation rises to 86% amongst low income users of smart meters.

Using the IHD

One of the most useful aspects of having a smart meter is the ability to view your energy spend in pounds and pence, and in near real time. Many smart meters come with in home display units (IHDs) which can sit in the home and show data transmitted from your meters.

This latest batch of research from Smart Energy GB shows how IHDs are changing people’s interaction with their energy spend:

  • Eighty seven percent of those with an IHD say that they have a better idea of what they’re spending on energy, compared to 69 per cent who have a smart meter but no IHD
  • Eighty one percent of those with an IHD are satisfied with their smart meter compared to 67 percent who don’t have one
  • Seventy eight percent of those with an IHD check it regularly (at least a few times a month)
  • Thirty three percent check their IHD every day

Eight in ten (80%) people with a smart meter have taken at least one step to reduce their energy use; this includes the most popular of turning their heating down, and turning off lights — with would result in a visible cost reduction on an IHD.

Report shows regional differences

When it comes to knowing exactly what a smart meter is, it seems that England, Wales and Scotland are all very similar in terms of understanding.

The most savvy on smart meters is the East if England (35%), and the least knowledgeable is London (25%). This information lines up to data suggesting group renters have the lowest understanding of smart meters at just 18% — and with such a high proportion of Londoners renting, it’s no surprise that this affects the region’s low stat.

Out of those who understand what a smart meter is, the North East comes out on top for wanting one (79%), and the least interested in getting smart meters is the East Midlands (65%).


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  • Gerry

    Government sweetener due to public pressure restricting energy company tariff profits has promised to them when privatised and due to the subsequent tariff capping introduction. These will allow energy companies to read your meter instantly at their discretion over wifi and send your bill immediately therefore removing the 14 days legal period you have to send them your meter reading, this will mean if on a monthly salary you will be caught out a month early and be bombarded with demand for payment telephone calls after a week before you get paid at end of the month. Postpone at all cost..this is for them disguised as for you…Gerry.

  • Ben Norris

    I’m pleased with my smart meter. However, it really has made me aware of how much the standing charge adds to my energy cost. – Eg I pay 26p for gas and 26p for electricity daily as part of my standing charge. – So every morning, when I look at my energy usage from overnight, my IHD reads about 70p. I couldn’t work out why my overnight energy usage was so high, until I realised that 52p of it was pure standing charge. So now it’s clear that the energy companies are fleecing us for a daily standing charge, in the same way that BT charge an extortionate amount for telephone line rental.

    • Shari P

      Ours does the same – .70x 365 = 255 per year, it’s bloody outrageous. Check old bills to see how much it has increased? Then speak to British Gas that’s the plan.

      • Ben Norris

        Yep – it’s shocking. Once everyone figures it out, they’ll be pressure on utility companies to come clean over the standing charges – at which point, they’ll just create a standard tariff with no standing charge, and sneakily put up the price, and hope no one notices!

  • Alan

    I definitely do not want a Smart Meter – or anything the puppets of the Shadow World Government force on the public so they can link up all appliances and spy on everyone. This is all about monitoring the public and stealing information and making us sick to depopulate us. Microwave technology is lethal. Dr Barrie Trower has written extensively about the hazards of microwave technology – Wifi is causing lots of health problems in schools, kids are reporting headaches and other health problems. This is unacceptable.

    • Smackmy

      Go and live in the forest then…

      • Mickey mouse

        That’s where you will end up if you keep bending over and letting these corporations control EVERY aspect of your (private) life. And you will still be charged for it.
        jest as you will. It’s you who will suffer in the end.

  • Richard

    First Utility does not offer an IHD with their electric smart meter, making real time monitoring almost impossible.

  • Eric Millward

    My IHD (BT) is supposed to be able to communicate with the meters at a distance of 30m and through 2 walls but it will not communicate at any more than 3m so I cannot see it most of the time. BT are unable to correct this fault. Otherwise I am happy with my meters and the increased control that I now have.

  • Frank Nettleton

    Total wast of of money, had a smart meter installed by First Utility which did not have a In house digital read out to check usage, changed supplier now does not work have to take manual readings, should be called a dumb meter, cannot believe the Government/Ofgem etc etc allow Utility Companies to fit Smart Meters without an in house Digital read out of usage, or to fit Smart Meters which do not work when you move suppliers.

    • amanda

      totally agree i want to switch back

    • Ben Norris

      I was told by British Gas that the smart meters would still work if you switch suppliers – it’s just that not all suppliers support them (yet). Once every supplier moves over to smart meters, they should all work with all suppliers.

  • larraine susan allison

    I love my smart meters I have them with OVO, came when they should,really friendly engineer,took less time than they said,no mess whatsoever,and I have an inhouse home display unit,which I check weekly.Its interesting to look at the electric meter when you are using a high consumption like shower or kettle,it makes me much more energy efficient,and I have already saved money.

  • David J Hambling

    If you have a solar installation and benefit from the assumed 50% usage – and I actually use 60% of what is generated – a smart meter will increase the consumers electricity costs in two ways – firstly by having to buy the units between assumed and actual and secondly the extra rebate on FITS generation will be reduced to the consumer

    • Peter Rich

      This is not true. All of the power generated by the panels is used up first. After that you use power from the national grid to power your property. The smart meter only shows what you are using from the grid.

  • Mr Jonathan Boor

    I would love them but have solar panels and smart meters don’t work with solar panels.

  • Rachel

    Would like one but on installation day I had booked couldn’t have one as the mobile signal required for it to work wasn’t strong enough at 40% in my SY3 postcode area, seems this may be something government, energy companies etc could be overlooking in their national rollout!

  • amanda

    great untill you switch energy company then you cant use the monitor and most energy suppliers cant support the new meters on a website based account

  • Karl

    When I switched from OVO to Flow didn’t realise many providers can not use the smart meters. Very disappointing. Industry catch up please

  • Dominic

    Moved from npower to Scottish gas. Dropped from 93 to 46 after 3 months. Believe my old meters were flat. Considering age it’s not surprising. Currently pursuing npower as our usage to me has not changed in any way

  • Anthony Duggan

    A solution looking for a problem….just how hard is it to phone in a meter reading once in a while?!
    Equally, an estimated bill’s no problem, because at the next meter reading everything is balanced up again.
    “Smart Meters” is a huge industry, with enormous costs that will of course ultimately be paid for by consumers – for a product nobody really needs.
    As has already been said, the whole policy is designed to make it look like Govt and the energy industry are doing something about energy costs – when they’re actually doing nothing at all

  • research suggests 79% would recommend smart meters to others !!!! What you have said…Is that true……