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Is your fixed energy plan ending? Here’s what you need to do

A number of popular plans are fast approaching their end date. Don’t let yourself be rolled onto a pricier tariff

what to do is your energy plan is ending

When you switch your energy supplier to get a cheaper deal, it’s likely you’ll choose a fixed plan, which will expire after the fixed duration (often 12 months).

After a plan’s end date, you’ll be rolled onto the supplier’s default tariff — often a more expensive variable plan that could be subject to price increases.

Under Ofgem rules, you can switch exit fee free if your plan is ending in under 42 days, or you’ve already received a letter from your supplier reminding you the plan is ending soon.

Popular plans ending soon

These are just some of the plans that are ending in March. Check your bill to see if one of them is yours, and switch away so you aren’t rolled onto a more expensive tariff than is available elsewhere on the energy market:

  • npower — 
    • Fixed Energy Online March 2017
    • Online Fix March 2017
  • Cooperative Energy — Co-op Online March 2017
  • EDF Energy — Blue+Price Promise March 2017
  • First Utility — First Fixed March 2017 v2

Price rises give more reason to switch again

The recent spate of price rises to standard variable tariffs makes switching to a new fixed plan even more important.

Price rises from EDF, npower, Scottish Power, Co-operative Energy and First Utility are all due to land in the next few weeks and these hikes affect the plans are the plans customers are rolled onto off of fixed deals.

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  • Mhari Morrison

    I want to switch from sse to a cheaper supplier but when I do a comparison because I have a prepayment meter it just shows me other prepay deals. I want my meters removed and running meters put in .
    Is this possible

    • Hi Mhari – You are correct that as a prepayment customer you can only switch to another prepayment plan. However, if you are debt free, you can absolutely change your meter over to a credit meter. And because SSE is one of the big six, there should NOT be a charge to switch it. Here’s how to do it:

    • Hi Mhari – You are correct that, as a current prepayment customer, you can only switch to another prepayment plan. However, if you are debt free, you can absolutely change to a credit meter. And, because SSE is one of the big six, there’s no charge to switch it out. Here’s how to do it:


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