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How much will your energy bill be after the festive period?

How much will your energy bill be after the festive period?

In a recent Uswitch survey, people predicted that with friends and family staying with them over the festive period this year, they'll be spending around £200 extra. With more than half of households (53%) expecting guests over Christmas, the cost across the country adds up to almost £3 billion.

With an extra two days off this year (as the 23rd and 24th fall on a weekend), families and friends will have more time together in the run up to the big day, but with this extra time, comes extra cost. The study found that on average, households are expecting five guests to stay for three days over the season, meaning that the already hefty cost of Christmas will be ramped up by larger household bills.

Hosts are expecting to fork out an extra £152 to keep their guests fed and watered, and a further £55 on gas and electricity.

Energy usage over Christmas

More than two fifths of Christmas hosts (43%) are planning to keep their heating on for longer over the Christmas period, in an effort to keep their guests warm and toasty. The use of more rooms in the house will also mean that more lights are switched on (35%), for an average of four extra hours.

January's gas and electricity bill will be covering the extra energy used to cook the traditional Christmas dinner, and to boil the kettle. The average host will put the kettle on a whopping 18 times each day, brewing an average of 30 cups of tea a day over the festive period.

Even when guests are away for Christmas, they still want to stay connected; hosts are expecting their guests to travel with an average of three devices per person, meaning fifteen extra gadgets to keep charged up.

One in three Christmas hosts (28%) will be keeping the television on for four and a half hours longer than they would normally, piling on pounds to bills across the country.

Switching energy now means savings for next year

With forecasters predicting a particularly chilly Christmas, consumers across the country are likely to be ramping up the heating. Whether you're hosting guests or not, you could save up to £491 by spending around ten minutes comparing and switching energy deals – protecting yourself from bumper bills and recovering some of the festive expenses.


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