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Uswitch uWin: loyal consumers are wasting £3.5 billion, sticking with their energy supplier

Uswitch uWin: loyal consumers are wasting £3.5 billion, sticking with their energy supplier

Our Uswitch uWin campaign aims to get more than 50% of the UK off expensive, rip-off tariffs by the end of 2020 – giving Brits more money to spend on enjoying life.

The campaign kicked off this weekend in Winkleigh — a village with one of the lowest switching rates in the country. Just 6.5% of households in the village have switched over the last three years according to Uswitch data.

Residents battled Saturday’s weather — with energy bills in hand — to attend the event at Winkleigh Village Hall on Saturday. In just a few hours, locals who compared their energy bill found they could collectively save nearly £8,000.

Here's how some of them got on:

As a thank you to the village for hosting the kick-off of our national switching campaign, Uswitch contributed to a new bus shelter and children's play equipment for the local sports hall.

Billions up for grabs for moving off a standard variable tariff

An incredible 60% of energy customers are still on Standard Variable Tariffs, even though they are usually the most expensive deal that energy suppliers offer.

If you've never switched before, recently moved home, or haven't switched in over 12 months, then there's a strong likelihood that you too are on one of these tariffs.

In spite of average savings of £290 to be made by switching, households that stay put are giving their hard-earned cash to energy companies rather than spending it on the things they care about most.

A recent survey suggests that if people had an extra £290 in their pocket, 29% would book a holiday using the money, while almost a quarter would save up for something special, and a very generous 8% of the population would use it to treat family and friends.

In fact, if every household on a Standard Variable Tariff switched to a cheaper deal, they could collectively enjoy 29 million meals out, 81 million family trips to the cinema or 1.2 million holidays to Disney World Florida.

What's next for Uswitch uWin?

For those of you not in Devon, we'll shortly be launching a national competition to get more of the UK off of these expensive Standard Variable Tariffs — so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Uswitch community events

Our team of experts has been all over the country, from Cornwall to Scotland, and we love visiting new places. So, if you have a community event that you think could benefit from a Uswitch expert, get in contact.


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