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British Gas announces gas and electricity price rise of 5.5%

EDF has now followed suit, increasing the price of its SVT by 1.4%

BG price rise 5.5%

British Gas has announced a price rise of 5.5%, effective from 29 May 2018, stating rising wholesale costs.

This price rise affects the unit rates of its Standard Variable Tariff, which acts as a default tariff for its customers; those who have never switched, or those who haven’t switched in the last year, are likely to be the ones to have increased energy costs. Check your British Gas bill to see if you’re one of these customers on their standard tariff.

The price change increases the rates for both gas and electricity by 5.5%; this equates to an extra £60 a year in energy costs for the 4.1 million dual-fuel customers on British Gas’ Standard Variable Tariff.

The combined average cost to consumers will be £246million.

EDF follows suit

Just two days after British Gas’ announcement, big six supplier EDF has also revealed a price rise for its Standard Variable Tariff, of 1.4%, effective from June 7th.

This will increase bills by an average of £16 a year for dual fuel customers, and affects 41% of their customer base.

The danger now is that more price rises are on the way — the remaining big six suppliers could continue this trend.

What to do if you’re affected

British Gas’ SVT now comes in a huge £369* more a year more expensive than the cheapest tariff available on the energy market.

Some of the most competitive rates to be had are on fixed rate energy deals, which lock in the unit rates you’ll pay for the next 12 months (or possibly more depending on the plan). This means you wouldn’t be affected by any price rise for the specified duration of a particular tariff.

Customers can send the clearest message that they won’t tolerate being taken for a ride with price rises by switching supplier to one of these cheaper tariffs, with savings of up to £491 on offer for households with higher usage.

Beat the price rises!

Switch your energy in minutes

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What is a standard rate energy tariff?

Green tariffs are now some of the cheapest on the market

*Cheapest tariff as of 10 April 2018 is Utility Point at £792. £1,161 – £792 = £369

  • ItsAlreadyTooLate

    Money grabbing turds.

  • Sarah Louise Ellis

    Already in the process of getting away from them after 16years.

    • Christie Sotheby

      Well said! We are using Peoples Energy – the company is owned by us customers!

  • Rob Evans

    Built my own 2.2kw solar system off ebay with battery backup for less than 2k (Most items used) and moved to solarplicity, they dont charge standing order, unit are a bit dearer but if what i produce i use it dont matter, my electric bill from Aug2017 to 10/04/18 is less than £60, i belive i have so far saved £100+ in 7 months, will save more in the summer…Happy me..

  • Stuart Fox

    This is typical of one of the largest utilities in Britain that has been sold off to foreign buyers!! These companies couldn’t give a damn about the British customer as they know that historically they will pay.Its about time that the fuel industries were nationalised (and before you throw your coffee cup at the screen) think about it. The Government have no teeth and whilst they whistle and wail they just let us be ripped off. What is going on with all the so called COM organisations i.e. gascom weren’t they founded to bring fairness to the industry? Well we have seen absolutely nothing from them.It is disgraceful that this money grabbing, thieving group can hold us to ransom like this. Just look which counties are behind it – France, China (and we are still selling off our assets abroad! ) Do I wish I could get out of this god forsaken blot on the map – You Bet!!”

    • Christie Sotheby

      Well said! We are with Peoples Energy – the company is owned by the customers!

  • dave999999

    Just shows Her Majesty’s Government couldn’t care less about us. letting these companies do this. 5.5% on top of that 12.5% rise in Sept 2017. Its just going to put inflation up and upset a lot of people.

    • Christie Sotheby

      Well said! We are signed up with Peoples Energy – the company is owned by the customers!

  • peter the hunter

    When are people going to wake up and realise that energy supply is not the “commodity”.It is we the consumer who are the real “commodity” today whatever the service provider supplies!! All service providers, whether they be Banks, Insurance firms, Energy companies,Amazon, Facebook, etc. tap into our pockets with ever increasing charges,bills, fees, etc. Even our personal data is is being plundered for profit! What is the Government doing about this? Not a lot! Government Bodies are supposedly set up (along with quangos) to protect us from profiteering businesses, yet these only really offer lip -service or minor legal tweeks to help most folk, but the big businesses always find a way around new law adjustments. Resist these greedy businesses the best you can. Any wrongs that you sense a business is doing to you, or another, complain and take them to an Ombudsman, or sue them in small claims courts, etc. using any Household Insurance policy ( with a Legal expenses provision).You may not get all your losses back, but it will send out the message that “you” are not to be messed with, and you will likely get “an offer” to settle rather than go to court. Try hitting these human commodity parasites in their pockets, and the more folk who do this it will send out a clear message. This method of resistance really works!! Be a predator, go after these greedy businesses.
    Spread this good news out to others via e-mails, word & mouth, letter, etc.
    There is a war out there for the richest commodity of all, called “the customer”/human beings.
    Be a Predator!! But play fair and do not stoop to the low underhanded ways used by such businesses.
    Thank you for reading this e-mail.

    • Christie Sotheby

      Well said! We are using Peoples Energy – the company is owned by the customers!

  • Timothy Jones

    Just did a price comparison and have halved my daily standing charge and reduced my kw/h rate by 2.5p on elec and 1.5p on gas. Goodbye British Gas, i can buy two all inclusive tickets to Turkey with the saving im making. Theresa May has just announced that she is deploying troops and bombing syria, British Gas funds this kind of activity hence the price rise at this current time.