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UK households save nearly £2 billion on energy bills in 2019

UK households save nearly £2 billion on energy bills in 2019

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With 2020 just getting started, households in the UK continue to save savvily on their energy bills, with an estimated £1.7 billion saved in 2019.

The drive to encourage customers to switch their energy on a regular basis has resulted in a much more informed and proactive population up and down the country. Broughton in Manchester is the postcode which has switched and saved the most, with residents cutting £2,717,298 from their outgoings.

Fewer people than ever are on expensive standard variable tariffs (SVTs), with just under half of energy customers nationwide moving away from them towards more stable fixed price options. Glasgow takes the top spot here - 46% of its switches were moves away from SVT to fixed price - and three other Scottish cities are in the top five. Notably, Welsh cities Cardiff and Swansea have also seen a significant shift away from SVTs at 42%.

The climate change drive won’t be going away in 2020, and the last 12 months saw an increasing number of customers switching to renewable energy deals. 53% of switches in London were to a green plan, while Manchester and Aberdeen came in with 49% and 48% respectively.

Rik Smith, energy expert at Uswitch, said: “2019 is on course to be a record year for switching, which is great news for consumers as they will have more money in their pockets heading into 2020. Nearly two billion pounds have been saved by a nation of savvy individuals not afraid to search out the very best deals on the market.

“Suppliers need to take note: in a bid to be more sustainable, consumers are increasingly looking for greener deals at better prices. Additionally, they are no longer loyal to the big six and are instead happy to move to smaller suppliers who can combine competitive deals and great customer service.”

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