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Coronavirus news and guides

Coronavirus news and guides

Everyone in the UK is feeling the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We've put together some information that we hope you'll find useful during this time, whether you're struggling with your energy bills, battling with slow broadband while working from home, or simply looking for a reliable streaming service if you're stuck indoors.

How will the Coronavirus affect my broadband installation?

If you're thinking of switching your broadband deal or have recently started a switch, find out how the different providers are managing installations in our guide.

Networks, OFCOM and UK Government agree to support vulnerable customers

The UK's major mobile and internet service providers have come together to offer support to vulnerable customers during the Coronavirus crisis. Find out more.

The best apps for social distancing

Want something to do while you're stuck at home, or need a better way to keep in touch with family and friends? Thankfully, there are a number of apps that can help ease the tedium of social distancing. Check out our list of the best.

Best virtual school trips for isolation

As well as the best apps, we've rounded up the top school trips you can take with your kids, without leaving the comfort of your own home. Take a look here.

Get help from your energy supplier

The UK's energy suppliers have set out measures to ensure nobody goes without power during the Coronavirus outbreak. Plus you'll find some bonus tips to help you cut back on your energy usage if you're spending more time at home. Get the guide.

How to disinfect your smartphone

Bacteria can live on the surface of your smartphone for days. Here’s how to properly clean your phone and get rid of germs, bacteria and viruses without damaging your device. Read now.

How to get the most out of your broadband while working from home

With the government closing schools and urging people to avoid offices, pubs and restaurants, we’ve never been more reliant on our home Wi-Fi. But whether you’re using the internet to entertain the kids, work from home or both, our tips and tricks will help you maximise your broadband. Read them here.

Why working from home won't slow down Britain's broadband

With so many of us unable to go into the office right now, we’re more reliant than ever on our home Wi-Fi. But broadband providers aren’t panicking yet. Here’s why.

How to get a free streaming service with your mobile phone

We’re all relying on streaming services to keep us entertained while we spend more time at home. And some networks are offering free subscriptions to the likes of BritBox, Amazon Prime and even Disney+. Here’s what you need to know.

Mobile phone networks give data-free access to NHS websites

To help customers out during this time, most of the UK's mobile phone providers are letting customers access online NHS services without using up any of their data allowance. Read more.

Sky Mobile and Vigin Media give customers 10GB boost

Sky Mobile is giving all its customers an extra 10GB of data free of charge this month, to help during the Coronavirus outbreak. Find out more.

Vodafone gives unlimited mobile data to pay monthly customers

Vodafone has gone even further to keep you all connected, offering 500,000 of its pay monthly customers 30-days free access to ulimited mobile data. Read more.

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