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Northerners revealed as the savviest energy switchers

Northerners revealed as the savviest energy switchers

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New Uswitch research has revealed the savviest towns and cities in the UK, based on energy switches over the last 20 years since Uswitch first launched. Over the past two decades, Uswitch has helped households save £2.5 billion.

The researched revealed a huge north/south divide, with northerners more likely to switch to a better energy deal to save money on their bills.

Top 10 switching towns and cities

Harrogate in Yorkshire came out on top as the town with the most energy switches, with 196 switches per 1,000 people. Savvy Stockport was not far behind, with 191 switches per 1,000.

In fact, seven of the top 10 towns and cities for switching are up north. Take a look at the rankings below:

Rank Location Population Switches per 1,000 population
1 Harrogate 138,343 196
2 Stockport 603,795 191
3 Huddersfield 262,814 188
4 Leeds 774,180 182
5 Halifax 160,378 180
6 Reading 778,677 179
7 Preston 520,556 178
8 York 562,439 178
9 Gloucester 605,821 177
10 Crewe 309,489 177

Bottom 10 switching towns and cities

Based on the number of energy switches per 1,000 population, London came bottom of the pile. It's thought that this is due to the number of Londoners who rent their homes - although there's nothing to stop renters from switching to get a better deal. You can read more about switching energy as a tenant in our guide.

Five of 10 the areas with the lowest switching rates are in Wales, including capital Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Llandudno and Llandrindod Wells.

Check out which towns and cities had the fewest energy switches below:

Rank Location Population Switches per 1,000 population
1 London 8,633,376 116
2 Swansea 730,232 121
3 Canterbury 482,504 123
4 Liverpool 857,079 124
5 Newport 488,504 126
6 Llandrindod Wells 49,792 128
7 Llandudno 537,467 128
8 Cardiff 1,005,334 129
9 Luton 335,950 134
10 Dartford 430,560 135

Will Owen, energy expert at Uswitch, said: “Northerners are showing southerners how it’s done when it comes to switching, with Harrogate residents switching at twice the rate of those in Central London.”

“Yorkshire residents are earning their reputation for being frugal, with five locations in the top ten being from God’s Own Country.”

“Wherever you live, it’s always worth doing a comparison online and seeing what energy deals you could be getting.”

“It’s incredible to think that we’ve saved consumers £2.5 billion by helping them switch energy providers over the last 20 years, and we look forward to helping save the next £2.5 billion.”

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