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Four in ten couples locked in thermostat battles

Four in ten couples locked in thermostat battles

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Is there a constant battle over the temperature in your home? You’re not alone, according to new Uswitch research.

We found that four in ten couples (39%) argue over what temperature they set their thermostat to, with a gender divide causing disagreements.

Almost a third (31%) of men said their partner wants the house to be warmer, while 20% of women say their partner prefers a cooler home. Children are also part of the thermostat wars, with 38% disagreeing with their parents over the temperature of their homes and 61% of those wishing their house was warmer.

It’s not just families falling out over the thermostat - a third of housemates also argue about the temperature of their shared homes. There’s an even split among housemates who want their heating set to a colder temperature and a warmer temperature.

The big switch-on

There are also disagreements about when the heating gets turned on, with men turning up the heat a full week later than women on average.

Six out of ten UK households switched their heating on last month, with September 25 the average switch-on date. This was more than three weeks earlier than last year, when households held out until 17 October on average.

There’s even a regional divide when it comes to the big switch-on, with people in the East Midlands holding out until 5 October to turn their heating on. Those in the North East felt the chill earlier, switching on their heating on 13 September on average.

Region Switch on date
North East 13 September
Scotland 17 September
Northern Ireland 18 September
Yorkshire and Humberside 19 September
North West 20 September
West Midlands 23 September
South East 25 September
Wales 30 September
London 30 September
East of England 2 October
South West 3 October
East Midlands 5 October

Warming up to cheaper energy bills

Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at Uswitch, said: “It’s clear that heating the home is leading to heated arguments in many households with some preferring to be cosy while others want to keep cool. But choosing the temperature to heat your home is also a big financial decision, as it’s one of the biggest contributors to high energy bills.”

“Anyone who is worried about paying for their heating should contact their energy supplier as soon as possible to find out what help is available. They can also ask for energy savings advice and check if they are eligible for free insulation grants, such as the newly launched Green Homes Grant, to help keep costs down longer term.”

“Households can also typically make significant savings when they switch their energy supplier - so now is a good time to run an online comparison to see what energy deals you could be getting.”

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