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Is your city turning green?

Is your city turning green?

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A third of all UK households have opted for a green energy tariff, according to the latest research from Uswitch. But how does your city measure up when it comes to choosing renewable energy plans?

Popularity of green energy tariffs by city

According to the study, Nottingham has the highest take-up of green tariffs, with nearly half of all households (46%) in the city on a green energy plan. Households in Norwich (44%) and London (39%) are also keen to go green with their energy tariffs.

At the other end of the scale, just 15% of people in Belfast and 20% of those living in Southampton are currently on a green energy deal.

Will Owen, energy expert at Uswitch, said: "It's obvious that households in the UK want to do their bit for the environment – a third have already taken out a green energy deal, with Nottingham leading the way."

City Households signed up to a green tariff
Nottingham 46%
Norwich 44%
London 39%
Leeds 37%
Brighton 36%
Bristol 32%
Sheffield 31%
Liverpool 29%
Cardiff 29%
Edinburgh 29%
Newcastle 29%
Plymouth 27%
Manchester 25%
Glasgow 24%
Birmingham 24%
Southampton 20%
Belfast 15%
UK average 33%

What's the cost of green energy?

Green energy deals are currently some of the cheapest available on the market, but some UK residents are so keen to go green that they'd pay an average of £45 extra per year for a good quality renewable tariff.

Those in Glasgow would be willing to pay the most for a 'truly green' tariff, with people prepared to spend an extra £60 on their energy bills.

By contrast, people living in Newcastle and Manchester would be willing to pay the least (£31) for a year's green energy.

City How much would residents pay for green energy?
Glasgow £60
Liverpool £54
Bristol £51
London £51
Plymouth £50
Sheffield £46
Nottingham £45
Southampton £43
Norwich £42
Birmingham £40
Cardiff £40
Edinburgh £39
Belfast £38
Leeds £38
Brighton £34
Manchester £31
Newcastle £31
UK average £45

Commenting on the research, Will Owen said: "It's easier than ever to switch to a green deal, and many of them are among the best value tariffs on the market – meaning you can save money on your energy bills, and do your bit for the environment at the same time."

"With our new Green Accreditation, where you can see which tariffs are classed Gold, Silver and Bronze for their environmental credentials, households should find it easier than ever before to compare energy and switch."

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