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700,000 households affected as more than 100 fixed deals come to an end

700,000 households affected as more than 100 fixed deals come to an end

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More than 700,000 UK households are facing higher energy bills as 112 fixed deals from various suppliers come to an end before the start of September.

Uswitch research has found that customers on these tariffs could be subject to bill increases of as much as £372 per year, which would mean a collective rise of £192 million across the UK. Check out our list of energy plans ending soon to see if your plan is one of those due to finish soon.

If you don’t switch, you’ll be rolled onto your supplier’s standard variable plan, which is typically the most expensive tariff they offer. The amount they’re allowed to charge is dictated by the energy price cap, but this has just been raised to its highest ever level of £1,277. This is £198 more expensive than the cheapest deal currently on the market,*

Customers whose fixed deals are ending are encouraged to switch to a fixed deal as soon as they can.

Take a look at the cheapest fixed deals Uswitch has to offer in the table below:

Supplier Plan name Price

Based on average bill sizes for a medium energy user on a dual fuel plan paying by monthly direct debit, and averaged across all regions. This information is updated hourly with energy plans which are available to switch to through Uswitch. To appear in this table, plans must be available in at least 7 of the 14 regions.

Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at Uswitch.com, said: “Customers with fixed deals ending this month need to act quickly if they don’t want to be hit by the second increase to the price cap this year. 

“The cost of not switching to a new plan when your deal comes to an end can be huge. People could soon be spending as much as £372 more a year on their energy if they don’t take action.

“If your plan is coming to an end, it’s probably time that you switch suppliers. The good news is that it is simple to do, and the process can take as little as ten minutes.”

*Cheapest deal available on 18/08/21: Utility Point Just Join Up 21 18M Fixed Wk28. Average cost £1,079 based on the average bill size for a dual fuel customer consuming medium energy usage as defined by Ofgem (2,900 kWh of electricity and 12,000 kWh of gas per year), paying by direct debit, with paperless billing. Prices averaged across all regions.

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