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Uswitch reveals the Black Friday gadgets to invest in to save energy this winter

Uswitch reveals the Black Friday gadgets to invest in to save energy this winter

With Black Friday coming up, the focus is often on the hottest gadgets, but Uswitch research has identified the appliances customers should be looking for deals for in order to reduce power bills and save money in the long term.

The energy market volatility of the last couple of months has made it all but impossible for customers to switch their energy deals to save money, so it’s important to look for other ways to cut costs.

Low-energy devices that are cheaper to run than other household appliances could make a significant difference to your energy usage at a time when the majority of customers can’t save by switching their deals.

The items run from fairly modest investments such as draught excluders to the likes of electric blankets and slow cookers. In the table below, you can see exactly what you can expect from each potential purchase in terms of cost, saving and time it takes for you to recoup your payment.

Device Costs from What it replaces Potential annual saving Time to pay for itself
Draught excluder (tape) £4.79 - £25 Two months and 13 days
Water-efficient shower head £34.99 Standard shower head (10 litres / min) £55 Seven months and six days
Smart power strip £29.99 Devices always being left on standby mode £30 One year
Hot water cylinder jacket £15.94 Needing to heat tank as often £15 One year and a month
Radiator Reflectors £12.56 Reduces heat loss by 50% £13 One year

The table below shows electrical items for the kitchen and bedroom that can be adopted for lower energy usage.

Device Costs from Power What it replaces
Microwave £52.99 700 watts Oven
Electric blanket £25 100 watts High thermostat temperature
Heated airer £40 260 watts Tumble drier
Slow cooker £17.99 120 watts Oven
LED light bulbs £2 per bulb 5 watts Halogen bulbs

Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at, comments: “At a time when many people are trying to save money on their bills, now might be a good time to make relatively inexpensive changes to the home that can make a big difference to your energy consumption.

“Many of the energy efficient items on our list will pay for themselves in a year or less through savings on your energy bill, and the fact that they will last for many years means they come with a long-term benefit.”

You can find Uswitch’s full list of free energy-saving tips here.

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