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iPhone 12 rumour round-up

Everything you need to know about Apple’s next handset.

The iPhone 11 is only seven months old, but we’re already looking forward to its follow-up, the iPhone 12.

It’s due to arrive in September,  just as previous iPhones have, yet already we have a good idea what to expect.

So, will it have 5G? Wireless charging? How much will it cost? And how many variants can we expect?

Read on to find out all the latest rumours.

iPhone 12: launch and release date

Let’s start with an easy one. Almost all of Apple’s previous iPhones have launched in September, so it follows that the iPhone 12 will be no different.

iPhone 12 render

The iPhone 11 family became available to preorder on 13th September 2019, and started shipping a week later on 20th September. Expect the iPhone 12 to launch around the same time this year.

The actual on-sale date could be a bit later, however. According to one report, issues with the supply chain caused by the Coronavirus pandemic will delay the iPhone 12 actually reaching consumers’ hands.

Having said that, Apple is still expected to hit the all important autumn, pre-Christmas window, so the delay is looking like weeks rather than months.

iPhone 12: price

As with all details about the upcoming product, Apple is keeping tight-lipped about how much it will cost. But going on the current model gives us a pretty good idea what to expect.

The iPhone 11 starts at £729, and the iPhone 11 Pro at £1,049. The iPhone 11 Pro Max will set you back £1,149.

A recent leak suggests the iPhone 12 range will be marginally more expensive, but only by £50 or so.

These are iPhones after all, and they always command a premium.

iPhone 12: variants

Of course the iPhone 12 isn’t just a phone, it’s likely to be an entire family of handsets. According to rumours, it will comprise four phones of varying sizes and feature sets.

iPhone 12 variants

Apparently there will be a 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inchers, and a 6.7-incher. So none of them are exactly small.

According to rumours, the 6.7-inch model and one of the 6.1-inchers will be the high-end ones, while the other two will be more affordable. Though they’re still likely to cost more than the recent wallet-friendly iPhone SE.

iPhone 12: specs

So what can we expect these phones to do? Lots, if the rumours are to be believed.

The two premium models are expected to have 5G for a super-speedy internet connection, letting you download and stream in the blink of an eye. (Though some analysts think all four models will have 5G.)

The premium variants are also expected to have triple-lens cameras, giving you tons of shooting options to make your photos look better than ever.

All of the iPhone 12 variants should have OLED screens, like those found on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These give better colours and make the image look more lifelike.

At least one of the high-end models will have a refresh rate of 120Hz, the rumours say. That matches the Samsung Galaxy S20. A 120Hz refresh rate will reduce lag and make fast-moving videos look more realistic.

A faster processor is also on the cards. Multiple analysts have suggested Apple will use an A14 Bionic chip, which will not only make the phone run faster, it should improve battery life too.

iPhone 12: camera

The camera is always one of the main selling points of any new iPhone. And that should be no different with the iPhone 12.

The device is said to have a laser-powered 3D camera. It will use the laser to calculate depth, so it knows exactly how far away an object is. This should mean better augmented reality applications, and possibly a portrait mode when recording video.

The latter would keep your subject as the focal point while videoing, and undoubtedly create some pretty cool effects.

iPhone 12: design

So what will the iPhone 12 actually look like? If the rumours are true, it should be reminiscent of iPhones of old.

According to one analyst, the iPhone 12 will have a stainless steel frame just like that seen on the iPhone 4. Others say the handset will have similar design flourishes as an iPad, while Bloomberg’s sources say the 12 will have flat edges instead of the current models’ curved ones. They add it will have sharply rounded corners, just like the iPad Pro.

Expect flat screens as well, in place of the shopping displays seen on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

We could be looking at the slimmest iPhone ever thanks to a thinner type of OLED screen, while the battery innards are also thought to be significantly smaller than current models.

Apple could ditch the camera notch from the screen, too. That’s thanks to a new front-facing camera, complete with new Face ID facial recognition tech that could make the camera notch a thing of the past.

There are sure to be plenty more rumours before September, so stay tuned for the latest as it breaks.

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