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BlackBerry Curve phones in-depth

If you crave a phone that combines consumer focussed features, such as cameras and media players, with the advanced email capabilities of a business phone, the BlackBerry Curve range is exactly what you've been after.

Key features of BlackBerry Curve phones

The Curve range's rounded edges mark them out as possibly the most tactile and best looking BlackBerrys. But they're not all about looking slick. In fact, they're packed with industry-leading features that place them among the best smartphones money can buy. Here we'll outline the most important functions to help you decide whether a Curve phone is right for you.

Advanced email functions

Email and messaging is at the core of BlackBerrys' functionality. And Curve handsets are no exception. Choose a Curve phone and you can set up multiple email accounts and receive instant updates every time a new message is sent to your mobile. This makes it easier and faster than ever to respond to messages while you're on the go.

Curve phones also feature an attachment viewer for mails to allow you see important documents created in key Office packages - including Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as PDFs. Select models also offer document editing, so you can work on documents too - ideal for when you're working on the move.

What's more, Curve mobiles' let you record voice notes and send these as email attachments too.

QWERTY keyboards

Why use a fiddly touchscreen keyboards when you don't have to? All Curve phones feature expansive physical QWERTY keyboards to make it easy to enter large amounts of text quickly and easily - just another feature that makes BlackBerry Curve phones ideal for messaging.

BlackBerry Maps

This is BlackBerry's mapping software, which comes pre-installed on the Curve line. When teamed with Curve phones' A-GPS support, this enables them to work as sat nav devices for brilliant turn by turn directions wherever you are in the world.


BlackBerry's online software market the BlackBerry World is growing all time, with more fun games and handy business apps added daily. That means that Curve owners can choose from hundreds of great titles and can effectively change the functionality of their smartphone daily.

Media players & web browsers

To keep you entertained, all Curve phones come with media players allowing you to watch movies and enjoy music. What's more, the large, vibrant screens make for a mobile video experience of rare quality. And they're also home to great web browsers too.


The cameras on BlackBerry Curve smartphones can deliver some great images. Plus, many in the range are similarly adept at video recording.

Who are BlackBerry Curve phones suitable for?

The mix of consumer and business functionality they offer means that the Curve range has something to appeal to almost anyone. They're an especially great choice of handset for people who need a phone for work and leisure or people who want a messaging phone that doesn't compromise on fun features.

Where to find a cheap blackberry curve

The sheer range of Curve deals and the differing usage habits and needs of consumers make this an almost impossible question to answer, but you can find a cheap blackberry curve if you know where to look.. Take a look at the tables above and you'll be able to compare monthly allowances and price points to help you find the best one for you. UK networks also often offer free gifts as an extra incentive, with everything from games consoles to widescreen TVs up for grabs for canny shoppers.