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TV & broadband deals explained

A broadband and TV deal gives you the option to combine your home internet and TV services in a single subscription. Whether you just want access to a few basic TV channels on Freeview, or want a comprehensive pay-TV subscription like Sky Q, a broadband and TV deal is often the cheapest and easiest way to get all your telecoms services.

Combining your TV and broadband services into one package can save you time, effort and money each month. Many of the UK's biggest digital TV and broadband providers also now include access to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus. Which means TV and broadband deals

It's now easier than ever to browse and binge your favourite TV shows and films in one place. Take a look through our latest broadband and TV deals to see what's available to you and how to get the best value offer for your household.

Best TV and Broadband deals on Uswitch.com in December 2021

PackageBroadband speedContract length
Virgin Media Big TV Bundle, Superfast Fibre Broadband + Phone54Mb average*18 months
Virgin Media Big Bundle + Drama, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband & Weekend Calls108Mb average*18 months
BT Fibre 2 & Entertainment67Mb average*24 months
Virgin Media Bigger + Movies TV Bundle, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband + Phone362Mb average*18 months
Virgin Media Bigger + Sports HD Bundle, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband + Phone362Mb average*18 months
Sky TV, Ultrafast Broadband & Netflix145Mb average*18 months
Sky TV, Superfast Broadband & Netflix59Mb average*18 months
NOW Broadband: Fab Fibre, Anytime Calls and Sky Cinema Membership36Mb average*12 months
NOW Broadband: Super Fibre, Anytime Calls & Sky Cinema Membership63Mb average*12 months
Virgin Media Ultimate Volt TV Bundle, Lightning Fast Fibre Broadband, Phone + O2 Sim630Mb average*18 months
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What is a broadband and TV bundle deal?

A broadband and TV bundle deal allows you to add digital TV services to your broadband package, often for a reduced monthly rate.

Some of the best internet providers apply exclusive discounts if you add extra services to your contract when you sign up. So if you're looking to use TV services too, you could benefit from combining both into a cheaper bundle.

This way, you pay a single monthly fee for your TV and broadband — normally at a lower rate — instead of paying separate bills for different broadband and TV providers.

If you regularly watch digital TV, you could end up saving a lot of money throughout the year by adding it to your broadband package. So not only is it easier, it’s also more affordable than footing separate bills. Win-win.

There are also options to add TV streaming subscriptions such as Netflix or Disney Plus onto your digital TV and broadband deals. This will allow you to access all your entertainment on just one platform.

What are the best deals for TV and broadband?

Finding the right broadband and TV deal is about striking a balance between the number of channels and services you want access to and the overall cost of the package.

Deals that offer hundreds of TV channels and lots of add-ons will of course have a huge number of shows and movies to watch. But they're also likely to come with significantly higher monthly fees and larger set-up costs.

Whereas, if you go for a cheaper TV and broadband deal, you may have fewer channels and services to choose from, but you won't be paying more than you need to for programs you never watch.

So the best broadband and TV deal is the one that offers what you need for the most reasonable price.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV, as the name suggests, transmits TV into your home via telecommunications satellites.

If you choose this type of package, you'll need to be able to allow an engineer to install a satellite dish at your property and connect a receiver box to your TV. Which means if you're renting or living in an apartment, you might have to check it with the building owner first.

Though it may require the most set-up in terms of physical equipment, satellite TV will typically give you the biggest selection of content and viewing options for a TV and broadband bundle. It offers hundreds of channels and exclusive add-ons to choose from.

Satellite TV includes popular favourites such as Sky TV, and its blockbuster add-ons Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

Cable TV

Cable TV delivers television to your home via a mixed network of fibre-optic cables and 'coaxial' cables, and less equipment needs to be installed to get you started. But if you haven't had a cable connection installed before, you will still need an engineer to visit your home and set it up.

In the UK, cable TV is almost exclusively serviced by Virgin Media, which runs its own cable broadband, landline & TV network that your property will need access to.

It offers a similar number of channels to satellite TV, but the drawback is that it's only available in areas with Virgin Media's network in place — which currently covers around 52% of UK properties. Satellite TV has much wider coverage.

Enter your postcode on our TV deals page to see if this service is available in your area.

Streaming services

Streaming services have quickly become the norm in how we consume TV shows and movies at home. Gone are the days of waiting around for 7pm for your favourite TV show to air, or searching through your DVD collection for a film to watch on the weekend.

Streaming services allow you to access a massive library of on-demand content, meaning you can watch what you want, when you want, with just a push of a button.

Most of us use at least one streaming service these days, either in addition to or instead of other pay-TV services, and many of the major broadband and TV providers now integrate streaming services into their set-top boxes.

BT TV and TalkTalk TV have both made deals with Sky’s streaming service NOW, allowing their TV customers to add on monthly NOW TV memberships in order to access films and TV shows exclusively available to Sky.

Also, depending on which set-top box you receive from your pay-TV provider, you can often easily access a wide range of other streaming services including Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video


IPTV stands for Internet Protocol television. It's delivered via a fixed-line broadband connection using the same cables as your home internet, as opposed to over radio waves like in the old days of TV.

It can give you a huge array of channels, all transmitted to your TV over your home phone line using an IPTV set-top box.

BT is one of the most-popular IPTV providers, offering TV and broadband bundles through the Openreach broadband network.


Launched in 2002, Freeview is the UK’s standard terrestrial TV platform that replaced analogue television with improved digital services.

It's broadcast over the airwaves and can be received via a set-top box, a Freeview tuner, or directly on your Smart TV once it's connected to your Wi-Fi.

Freeview gives you access to over 100 TV channels, 15 of which are HD. These include the BBC, ITV, E4, Dave, 5USA and truTV to name a few. Apart from your BBC licence fee, all these channels are free to view (hence the name).


YouView is very similar to Freeview, offering a comparable number of channels, as well as catch-up and on demand options, all without a subscription fee. You can purchase a YouView or YouView+ set-top box to access all these services, but it’s also the brand of digital TV set-top box that is provided for BT TV and TalkTalk TV customers.

Why choose a broadband and TV package?

If you love watching TV — especially live sports, big US TV shows and the latest blockbuster movies — then an extensive pay-TV package will definitely be worth the money. Bundling your subscriptions in a TV and broadband deal could end up saving you a lot of money on bills throughout the year.

When it comes to exclusive content – such as the latest US shows, movie releases and sport events – pay-TV packages are one of the best ways to watch it all in one place.

However, if you prefer to stream content on services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or NOW — then it’s probably more important that you compare broadband deals that cater more for your needs.

If you're an equal watcher of both, it might be worth looking for pay-TV deals that include subscriptions to certain streaming services, such as particular Sky deals with Netflix and Disney Plus bundled into them.

Sky also has exclusive regional rights to a lot of the best new TV shows, movies and sports – and in particular, exclusive airing rights to Premier League matches.

This means that while streaming is great, pay-TV still has the rights to a huge amount of content that you can’t see anywhere else. Therefore, a Sky broadband and TV package that bundles in superfast broadband and access to all your favourite channels is ideal for TV fans.

Can I get a broadband and TV deal without a phone line?

do you need a landline for broadband and TV deals

In a lot of cases, in order to have an active home broadband connection, you will need to have either a landline or fibre-optic cable connected at your property.

Similarly, satellite TV, IPTV and even Freeview and YouView platforms all require an active cable or landline to make full use of their services. Especially since many of them now require an internet connection for catch-up and on-demand options.

Providers who are not part of the Openreach network, such as Virgin Media and Hyperoptic, don’t require a copper landline because they have their own broadband cables connected directly to your property.

There is also the option of using mobile broadband, which provides 4G and in some places even ultrafast 5G speeds. However, this is currently not available to customers who wish to bundle their broadband and TV deal with a single provider.

You can expect speeds of around 24Mbps with a 4G mobile broadband connection and potentially up to 300Mbps with a 5G deal.

Read our guide on how to get broadband without a landline to see if you can enjoy digital TV services without having to pay for line rental.

Which internet providers offer TV and broadband bundles?

Many internet providers will offer bundles of their TV and broadband deals in order to entice new customers. They can often save you a fair amount of money if you find one that's right for you.

With plenty of competition in the market, these providers are constantly looking to offer you better and cheaper deals. So be sure to check back regularly to compare them.

Sky TV and broadband bundles

Satellite TV from Sky changed the landscape of British broadcasting forever. And today it is still the leading provider of broadband and TV packages.

Although Sky Broadband is an excellent choice, the main reason why people tend to choose a Sky Broadband package is to bundle it with its premium satellite TV service, Sky Q.

Sky TV services and deals

Sky TV offers hundreds of channels, with the option to build a TV package tailored to what you like to watch.

Dedicated Sky Sports and Sky Cinema add-ons are available too, and you can simply add them to your broadband and TV bundle at any point during your contract.

Recently, Sky has added the option to bundle-in streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus too. It was already possible to subscribe to these services independently and then access their apps via the Sky Q box, but now new customers can also sign up to Netflix and Disney Plus via their Sky subscription.

This way, you could also save by bundling those costs into your Sky subscription too. Plus, there's also the added convenience of seeing content from streaming services in the same place as content from Sky channels.

Sky TV packages also include the Sky Go app, which is free to its customers. This lets customers watch Sky TV shows on their tablet, computer or smartphone wherever they are, for no extra charge.

You can find out more details of all the available Sky TV and TV and broadband deals on our Sky TV provider page.

Sky TV installation & equipment

Unlike other digital TV providers, Sky TV is received via satellite, which will need to be installed on your property by an engineer. This means that it can take a little longer to switch as you'd need to organise an installation date with a Sky engineer.

However, if you live in a block of flats you may already have a communal dish installed. Check for a Sky TV-branded socket in your property or ask your building manager in advance as that might make your installation much quicker and easier.

Sky TV also requires you to have a digital set-top box connected to Wi-Fi for viewing online content. The latest Sky TV deals all come with the Sky Q set-top box.

Virgin Media digital TV and broadband bundles

Virgin Media offers a huge range of digital TV and broadband deals. You can mix and match different components of these options depending on your household's needs.

Virgin Media services & deals

Virgin Media broadband packages vary from superfast average speeds of 54Mbps all the way up to ultrafast speeds of 600Mbps in selected areas.

It's also rolling out a gigabit broadband service, with speeds around 1Gbps (1000Mbps), to a number of lucky towns and cities across the UK, which it plans on expanding to its entire network by the end of 2021.

Virgin Media’s TV service includes a huge range of standard definition, HD and even Ultra HD channels delivered through its cable network.

Its TV platform, Virgin TV 360, comes with very similar features to Sky Q. But it also allows you to:

  • Watch and record Ultra HD shows in multiple rooms in the house
  • Set up individual profiles for each member of your household
  • Start live broadcasts from the beginning if you joined it a little too late

Virgin Media TV and broadband services are available as individual products and don’t always need a phone line to be included. However, the combined individual costs of these services is a lot higher than purchasing a Virgin Media TV and broadband bundle. So if the service is available in your area, it just makes sense to bundle both together.

Note: Virgin Media's digital TV service is only available in supported areas. Find out more on our Virgin Media TV provider page.

Virgin Media installation & equipment

All Virgin Media broadband products include a free wireless router and unlimited data for downloads. For Virgin Media cable TV, you will need a Virgin Media V6 or Virgin TV 360 box installed and connected to your television.

You can also access Virgin Media channels on your laptop, tablet or mobile device through the ‘Virgin TV Go’ app. It's free to TV customers and allows you to watch shows live on your handheld device, control your TV and remotely manage the recordings on your set-top box.

BT Broadband and TV bundles

The largest telecoms provider in the country, BT has made the most of the bundle revolution by offering great-value home broadband and digital TV deals to go with its home phone packages.

BT services and deals

Perhaps the biggest selling point of BT's TV offering is BT Sport, which has broadcast rights to weekly live Premier League games and is the exclusive UK home of the UEFA Champions League.

BT Sport is available to all new BT TV customers, and if you’re an existing customer, you can also add BT Sport for an exclusive additional monthly fee.

BT Broadband has a host of options available as part of its broadband and digital TV packages, giving you the option to build your own TV package to include channels like Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, BT Kids and even Netflix.

You can find out more on our BT TV provider page.

BT digital TV installation and equipment

BT TV is delivered via a YouView set-top box, which allows you to pause and rewind live TV, with the option to record TV shows with the YouView+ Ultra HD option.

Once you’ve signed up, BT will send out a YouView or YouView+ box that you can set up yourself. BT TV and broadband services are delivered via its Openreach broadband network, which is already available in the vast majority of UK homes.

If there is no phone line at your property or your connection needs upgrading for faster internet speeds, you’ll also need to arrange an engineer visit.

What's the best broadband and TV package this Black Friday?

Almost all of the major broadband and TV providers will be having Black Friday sales. Providers like Sky, BT, NOW and Virgin Media will be offering discounts on subscriptions, set-up fees or additional services during the month of November. Take a look at our Black Friday broadband deals to find out more

Should I get a broadband and TV bundle?

If you watch a lot of TV, movies or sport, combining pay-TV services with a broadband deal can be a great way to save money. A broadband and TV bundle could give you cheaper deals overall than when paying separately, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds a year.

What TV services can I get with a broadband bundle?

The most common broadband and TV bundles are satellite TV from Sky or Virgin Media's cable TV. These both provide a wide range of entertainment, movies and sports packages. There are also IPTV options such as NOW and BT TV, which are delivered directly through your broadband connection.

How are broadband and TV bundles installed?

If you choose a satellite or cable service, an engineer will need to visit your home to install the dish or cabling needed and connect them to a receiver that's hooked up to your TV. If you choose an IPTV option, however, you may only need a set-top box or dongle that's easy to install yourself, as they will simply need plugging in to your TV.

Can I get streaming services through my TV bundle?

Digital TV providers like Sky have introduced a simpler and easier way to bundle in additional streaming services to their already comprehensive TV listings, including Netflix and Disney Plus.

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