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Volt benefits from Virgin Media O2, explained

Find out all the perks, features and benefits included with Virgin Media O2's exclusive Volt service.
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virgin media o2 volt hero image

Did you know you can access a number of free benefits for being a customer of Virgin Media and O2?

If you have a Virgin Media broadband connection and an O2 mobile contract, you’ll be able to increase your broadband speed and your mobile data cap completely free of charge.

The perk is called Volt and it’s been available since the two companies merged back in 2021. And while it’s not necessarily a discount, it will add significant value to the services you may already be using.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Virgin Media O2’s Volt.

What is Virgin Media O2’s Volt?

Volt is a service that you can unlock if you’re a customer of both Virgin Media and O2. It lets you boost your Virgin Media broadband speed, and your O2 mobile data cap.

It’s a great incentive if you’re an existing customer of either Virgin Media or O2. If you currently have an O2 contract and Virgin Media broadband is available in your area, you could activate these perks by switching to Virgin when your contract comes to an end.

Likewise, if you’re already paying for Virgin Media and think it’s time to move onto an O2 SIM-only plan, you’ll get double the data allowance you choose for joining both brands.

Even if you’re currently not a customer of either brand, Volt is available to all new customers who are looking to switch their broadband or mobile provider. You’ll be eligible for it whether you choose to sign up to each deal separately, or to a specific Volt product that combines the two into a single package.

That’s right - the Volt name is also given to a number of broadband, TV and mobile packages that the joined-up company offers. These bundles include the fastest-available broadband and most premium TV channels on offer, plus an O2 SIM. And they come in addition to the standard Volt benefits mentioned above.

What are the Volt benefits?

There are five main perks you get for being a Virgin Media and O2 customer:

1. Broadband speed boost

Once Volt is activated, you’ll be moved onto the next-highest Virgin Media broadband speed available. So if you’re on its M125 package, your internet speed will double from 132Mbps to 264Mbps on its M250 deal. If you’re currently on M250, you’d be upgraded to 362Mbps on its M350 plan, and so on. You won’t need an engineer’s visit and there will be no internet downtime - your new speed will simply be turned on.

2. Double your mobile data

You’ll also get double the amount of mobile data allowance on your O2 mobile contract at no extra cost. So if you’ve been using your phone less while you’re out and about to save data, you’ll have much more freedom to watch and scroll once you activate Volt.

3. Virgin Media Wi-Fi guarantee

If you’re struggling to get a good broadband connection in every room of your home, Volt will also provide a Wi-Fi guarantee. You can claim up to three Wi-Fi pods to help boost your router’s wireless connection to areas of your house with a weak signal.

4. Free O2 roaming in more countries

Volt also gives you access to O2’s Travel Inclusive Zone, which lets you use your mobile data as normal in 75 countries across the world. This includes almost all European countries, as well as the United States & Canada, Australia, and many other countries across Asia, Africa and South America.

5. O2 Custom Plans

If you take your O2 mobile contract out on a Custom Plan, you’ll get a discount of up to £150 on a Custom Plan for another connected device (be it a tablet, smart watch or laptop).

Custom Plans are a way to completely tailor your O2 handset contract to your needs and your budget. Whether it’s contract length, upfront cost, data allowance or extras, O2 will let you flex each part of your service to suit you.

In addition to Volt benefits, you will still be eligible for O2-specific perks like O2 Priority and six months free Disney Plus.

How to get Volt benefits from Virgin Media O2

You will automatically qualify for Volt free of charge if you have Virgin Media broadband at home and at least one person in your household has an O2 mobile contract. But the mobile perks will only apply to members of your household who are on O2.

This means you’ll be able to enjoy Volt if you are any of the following:

  • Already a Virgin Media broadband customer and an O2 mobile customer

  • A Virgin Media broadband customer switching to an O2 mobile contract

  • An O2 mobile user switching to a Virgin Media broadband package

  • Switching to both Virgin Media broadband and an O2 mobile contract at the same time

How to activate Volt

It’s easiest to activate Volt directly with a customer service representative from either O2 or Virgin Media.

The My O2 app does offer the option to activate Volt online, but some users have experienced trouble getting registered properly on its system. The Virgin Media app also has a section explaining its benefits but it doesn’t offer a clear route for customers of both brands looking to activate it.

So our advice would be to just get in touch with the customer team at either brand, via phone, Twitter, or on live chat online, so you can register your details properly with them.

How to contact Virgin Media

  • Phone number: 0345 454 1111 (150 on Virgin Media landlines)

  • Twitter: @VirginMedia

How to contact O2

  • Phone number: 034 4809 0222

  • Twitter: @O2

Virgin Media O2 Volt packages and bundles

Not only do you get Volt benefits for being a customer of Virgin Media and O2, but you can sign up to Volt services, too.

Virgin Media offers a 'Mega Volt’ broadband bundle that packs the best of its broadband, TV and home phone - plus O2’s mobile services - into a single tariff. It has a high monthly cost, but that’s because almost every part of the service is towards the top-end of what’s available.

So if you can afford to, you can get 500Mbps average speed broadband, premium exclusive TV content from TNT Sports, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Netflix, and a 5G O2 SIM card for one simple monthly bill. You might even find that it’s cheaper than paying multiple providers for all of these services separately.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media Mega Volt Bundle, Lightning Fast Fibre Broadband, Phone + O2 Sim

LG 43" TV or £250 bill credit
Contract length
18 Months
Download limit
Upfront cost
No setup cost
Average speed*
Per month

monthly cost will rise every April by inflation (RPI) plus 3.9%


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