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Broadband in Exeter

A new way of exploring broadband speed, deals and issues in in Exeter! Enter your postcode to get started:

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*Average speeds are based on the download speed available to at least 50% of customers with this product during peak time (8 to 10pm). Your actual speeds depend on factors like your connection type, area, time of day and distance from the telephone exchange.

Deals are subject to local availability and may not be available to existing customers. You can confirm availability and estimated speeds for your property on the provider’s website - this may be different to what we show.

Some providers may increase monthly costs each year during your contract, in line with the retail or consumer price index. Check their terms before signing up.

We’ve highlighted some recent Uswitch Award winners on our table.

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Uswitch services are provided at no cost to you, but we may receive a commission from the companies we refer you to. This helps to keep our site free for you to use. Sometimes we have commercial agreements with providers to highlight deals that we think are worth your consideration. These deals are labelled 'sponsored'.

How to find the best broadband deals in in Exeter

There's a range of great broadband deals on offer in Exeter that should suit every home, from those who own just a single PC to busy households with a multitude of Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets.

There are packages available for broadband-only services, as well as bundles that include home phone, TV and even mobile phone services all under the same contract.

You can find deals for standard broadband, fibre and ultrafast gigabit-capable fibre. However, it's important you sign up for an option that's well-suited to your expected usage.

For instance, if you're only going to be browsing the web, checking social media, and using the occasional standard-definition streaming service, a standard connection should be adequate. However if you have many users and want to frequently stream in HD or 4K, or download the lastest games to a console, a superfast fibre connection will be highly useful.

While Exeter is well-covered with fibre, the speed and availability of services may vary depending on where in the city you live. Therefore, it pays to use our postcode checker to see all the options available for your address and what speeds you can expect.

Which broadband providers are in Exeter?

All of the UK's major broadband providers offer services in Exeter, while there are also a wide range of smaller, independent firms to choose from. Here are some of the most popular options.

BT Broadband

The UK's largest broadband provider, BT, offers a choice of standard and fibre services, as well as even faster full fibre offerings.

In addition to this, the firm provides home phone packages and TV services, including TNT Sports which broadcasts the Champions League. Users can also enjoy a range of extras, including free cloud storage, antivirus software for up to 15 devices and access to millions of Wi-Fi spots up and down the UK.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers some of the fastest widely-available broadband speeds in the UK, with basic packages starting at speeds of 100Mbps, going all the way up to 1100Mbps for the firm's top-of-the-line bundle, which also includes a full range of TV and phone services.

However, as it uses a seperate network to other providers in the UK, its availability is not as widespread — though the firm is embarking on an ambitious expansion to change this in the coming years.

Sky Broadband

Another of the UK's biggest broadband firms, Sky offers broadband-only, broadband and phone, and TV services, with customers able to choose from standard and fast fibre packages.

It's also ideal for families, as it comes with a range of parental controls and Wi-Fi management options to help keep track of kids' time online.


Plusnet is a great option for people who want simple broadband at a great price.

With a range of easy-to-understand internet and phone offerings for both standard and fibre broadband, the firm is backed up by its award-winning UK-based customer service.

NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband also offers an easy way to get online, with three packages available, the standard Brilliant Broadband, fast Fab Fibre, and even faster Super Fibre.

NOW is also a great option for people who need flexibility, because in addition to standard 12-month contracts all of its broadband services are also available on rolling, 30-day contracts that can be ended at any time for no extra monthly cost — though this does require an initial set-up fee.

How fast is Wi-Fi in Exeter?

Like most UK cities, the exact speed you can achieve for Wi-Fi in Exeter will depend on where you live, and the quality of services can vary from place to place. In general, most residences can expect a speed of around 11Mbps for standard ADSL broadband and up to 70Mbps for superfast fibre services.

Over half of the city can also access much faster services with Virgin Media, and about a third can also access similar speeds among the area's full fibre suppliers.

Although the majority of places can access fibre, there may still be some isolated 'not-spots' where services are limited to only standard broadband, while some faster services such as Virgin Media's cable network may be more limited in their coverage.

To see what speed you're currently receiving and how this compares to properties near you, check out our internet speed test to see if you could be getting faster performance.