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What is an internet service provider or ISP?

Internet service providers are companies that supply internet connections to consumers and businesses. They are usually referred to as ISPs.

In a market as competitive as UK broadband, the best internet providers will be flexible and meet the needs of consumers. For that reason, several types of broadband and various different services are available to cater for the full range of users' requirements. Read on to see which is the best ISP for you.


Broadband bundles are packages that offer broadband along with other utilities such as digital TV, mobile and home phone. Here are some of the leading suppliers of broadband bundle deals:

  • BT — Great broadband, digital TV, live Premier League games on BT Sport and home phone packages mean BT's service is especially strong.
  • TalkTalk — Good value international calling deals and excellent broadband service mark TalkTalk out as one of the UK's best providers.
  • Virgin Media — Incredibly fast fibre broadband sets Virgin apart from its competitors. Virgin also offers excellent value quad-packages, which are deals including broadband, digital TV, home and mobile phone in one bundle.
  • Sky — Premium TV, including Premiership football and box office movies, makes Sky broadband TV packages a brilliant option for sports and film fans.

what is an internet provider?


Cable broadband, also known as fibre-optic broadband, is the newest, fastest and most reliable type of home connection, with download speeds of up to 200Mbps in some areas.

  • Virgin Media — Currently offering one of the fastest connections in the UK with average broadband speeds as high as 362Mbps in some areas, alongside television and call deals.
  • BT — The best-known internet provider in the UK, BT offers a 67Mbps cable broadband package in most areas of the UK — with an even faster connection in certain areas — with lots of great deals on home phone calls and TV. BT also offers the BT HomeHub router free with its packages.

TalkTalk, Sky, EE and a range of other providers have launched fibre products of their own, with speeds in line with BT since they all use Openreach.


Mobile Broadband is portable broadband for those on the go. Whether it's 3G or 4G that you're using, mobile broadband is accessed by plugging a mobile dongle or modem into the USB port of your PC or laptop. Once inserted, broadband connectivity is accessible in any area where there is mobile phone coverage.

Lots of internet service providers now offer 3G and 4G mobile alternatives to their home broadband packages. Click here to compare mobile internet providers.

  • Vodafone — Offering both business and consumer packages, Vodafone is among the UK's most popular mobile broadband internet providers.
  • EE — The first 4G network in the UK is still one of the best. EE's 4G service is reputed to be up to five times faster than the 3G average.

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