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The gold standard of green energy: Energy tariffs ranked under Uswitch's Green Accreditation

The gold standard of green energy: Energy tariffs ranked under Uswitch's Green Accreditation

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Eight energy tariffs have received a Gold standard rating under Uswitch's new Green Accreditation.

While there are many energy plans on the market labelled as 'green', what this actually means can vary between different suppliers and energy plans.

And despite more than a third of British households being on a green energy tariff, more than half (52%) are confused about what a green energy deal actually means.

The Uswitch Green Accreditation is a first of its kind scheme, led by a panel of independent experts, to help energy customers understand what makes a tariff green.

Accredited tariffs are placed into Gold, Silver and Bronze categories depending on the level of renewable energy suppliers directly buy and the amount of investment they are making to support the growth of green energy.

You can read more about the different categories in the Green Accreditation here.

Seven tariffs from Good Energy were placed into the Gold category, while British Gas' Green Future May 2023v2 tariff also achieved Gold status.

Seven green tariffs from ScottishPower, one from EDF and one from Octopus were placed in the Silver category, while a further 98 tariffs from different suppliers achieved Bronze status.

Richard Neudegg, head of regulation at Uswitch, said: "More and more consumers are purchasing green tariffs, but it's been difficult up to now for bill-payers to know exactly what's under the hood of these deals."

"Our Green Accreditation, set by our independent expert panel, should make it easier for people wanting to make green choices to weigh up what's on offer."

"Consumers want to help the environment, so we want to make it as simple as possible for them to confidently switch energy and pick the tariffs that help support renewable energy."

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