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Looking for a new credit card, personal loan, mortgage, or trying to find a better current account? We compare a range of products from various providers to help you find what you’re looking for.

Check your eligibility for credit cards

  • 1Improve your chances of being accepted
  • 2It won't affect your credit score
  • 3It's quick, free and easy
American Express credit cards - card close up

What is the Annual Percentage Rate or APR?

Find out what the annual percentage rate (APR) means and how it could affect you when applying for a credit card or personal loan.

Desk items

Business Credit Cards - Get the Right Company Card

Business credit cards could be an invaluable asset to your company - find out more about company credit cards with Uswitch.

How many credit cards can you have?

Is there an ideal number of credit cards to have? Our guide explains the pros and cons of owning multiple credit cards.

Phone and card machine

Contactless payment cards - what is contactless payment?

Contactless payment was designed to be a quicker card payment method for small purchases than chip and PIN payments or swiping and signing, but you can now spend £100 using contactless. Read onto find out more

How to use a credit card

How to use a credit card

Credit cards can be a cheap way to borrow money, but there are good and bad ways to use them. Our guide discusses, how to use a credit card, what can you use them for? What are the benefits? And in what circumstances should they be avoided?

What is PPI?

What is PPI? Can you still make a claim?

What is PPI? PPI, or payment protection insurance, became one of the most notorious financial products in recent years due to the PPI miss-selling scandal.

Charge cards close up

Charge Cards UK | Find The Best Charge Credit Cards | Uswitch

Charge cards allow you to pay for goods and services on credit, as long as you pay off your balance in full at the end of every month.

What does travel insurance really cover?

No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards - Travel Money

What are the best credit cards with no foreign transaction fees? Find out how to get a 'perfect' exchange rate when spending abroad.

 Apple Pay – Contactless payment with your iPhone

Apple Pay – Contactless payment with your iPhone

Apple's version of contactless payment, ‘Apple Pay’ is a convenient way of paying with your iPhone or Apple watch. We explain how it works and what to be aware of.

Credit Cards for the Self-Employed

Compare self-employed credit card options and get access to credit. Find out everything you'll need to know to get accepted.

Guide on how do balance transfer cards work?

How balance transfer credit cards work

Compare 0% balance transfer credit cards with Uswitch - our guide answers your key questions, such as how do balance transfer credit cards work? Follow our top tips to find out the best balance transfer credit cards for you.

Guide to store credit cards - The good and the bad

Store credit cards - the good and the bad

A store credit card is a credit card branded by a particular store or retailer. Some you can only use in that retailer while others can be used anywhere but the benefits and discounts it offers are only available in the retail chain branded on the card.

close up of a visa card

Main Differences Between Credit Card and Debit Card

This handy guide answers those questions you've always been unsure about, such as what kind of bank card do I have? Do credit cards have sort codes? We help you to tell your debit from your credit cards and your Visas from you Mastercards.

Guide to building credit with no credit card

How do I build credit without a credit card?

If you're looking for a credit card to build your credit score, use our comparison service to search for the best credit cards for bad credit. Our guide answers those key questions, such as do you need a credit card to have a credit score?

How do refunds and returns work with a credit card?

Credit Card Refunds & Returns - Consumer Credit Rights

Credit card refund rules mean, purchases are protected by law - the Consumer Credit Act 1974 gives credit card protection on your purchases over £100.

Guide to how prepaid cards work?

Prepaid Cards - the Facts about UK Prepaid Debit Cards

A prepaid debit card or prepaid credit card offers the convenience of a credit card, but instead of borrowing you only spend money you have pre-loaded on the prepaid credit card. Our guide explains just how to make use of a prepaid card.

Guide to credit cards for the unemployed

Credit cards for the unemployed

Find the best credit card if you are unemployed. Explore credit card offers for people who are currently experiencing unemployment. Search for the best credit card deal for you.

What is a credit card?

What is a credit card?

Similar to a loan, a credit card provides you with an amount of credit agreed by you and your bank, for you to spend. Read our guide to learn how a credit card differs from a loan, and how to responsibly use one.

Contactless payment card, with hand holding credit card ready to pay at cafe coffee shop

Premium credit cards

Having a premium card can be a powerful status symbol, coming with extensive benefits for cardholders to enjoy. We explore whether it's worth getting a premium credit card if you're eligible.

Uswitch awards

Uswitch Credit Card Awards 2018 | Find Out Who Won

The votes are in for the 2018 Uswitch Credit Card Awards. We spoke to 10,000 credit card customers to find out who topped our customer satisfaction tables in this year's survey.

Residential mortgages

Residential Mortgages | Residential Mortgage Rates 2024

Learn all about the largest and most common form of credit in the UK - a residential mortgage, helping millions of us buy homes.

Guide to can you get a loan for a mortgage deposit?

Can You Loan For A Mortgage Deposit In 2024?

Is taking out a loan for a house deposit an option? We explain whether this is possible and how it could affect your chances of getting a mortgage

Non Standard Home Insurance - Body Image

How To Value A House & Get Your House Valued 2024

A house valuation will tell you about the property and how much it is worth. Our guide explains how to get a free house valuation.

How to improve your credit rating and credit score

Can I Get A No Credit Check Mortgage In 2024?

Your credit score will be looked at when you apply for any type of mortgage and have more stringent lending criteria to loans - Read the Uswitch Guide

A young black male with a beard and a white knitted sweater holds up a fan of UK banknotes with a shocked and excited expression on his face

Are Cashback Mortgages Worth It In 2024?

A cashback mortgage will give you a cash lump sum when you successfully apply for one, but do they always offer the best value for money overall? We look at the answer

Mortgages for holiday lets

How Much Money Do You Need To Buy A House In 2024?

Discover the costs that could arise when buying your first home and how you could make your money go further

How Long Does It Take To Get A Mortgage 2024?

The time it takes to get a mortgage will depend on a number of factors, find out more with our comprehensive guide.

Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy Schemes In The UK 2024

What is Rent to Buy? Find out if the government’s Rent to Buy scheme is right for you, and how to find a home under the scheme

New build homes - how do you get a mortgage for a house that's still being built?

New Build Mortgages 2024 | New Home Mortgage Rates & Deals

Buying a new build home off-plan, you may find it a lot harder to get a mortgage than for a new build home that has already been built. We share some tips to help you

rented housing block

Buying vs Renting A House - Which Is Better In 2024?

In the long run buying a home is usually better value than renting. Despite the large upfront costs that come with paying a deposit, legal and mortgage fees

Compare Best Self-Employed Mortgage Rates & Deals 2024

Get the best self-employed mortgage for you. Plus, find out if it's harder to get one, how much you can borrow and what documents you need.

Are cashback mortgages worth it?

What Is Build To Rent And How Does It Work?

Build to rent refers to an emerging sector in the housing market involving large scale developments built mainly for the use by private renters

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