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Barclaycard offers free access to credit reports

In a victory for uSwitch's It's My Report campaign all 10.5m Barclaycard customers will get free access to their credit score

It's My Report

Barclaycard are now offering their customers free access to their credit reports through partnerships with credit reporting agencies Experian and Noddle.

Tesco Bank have also committed to offering their customers free credit report access, but only for their entry-level Foundation credit card customers.

Find a Barclaycard card

Compare a huge range of Barclaycard credit cards with our comparison tables

Barclaycard credit cards

The move is a victory for uSwitch’s It’s My Report campaign that is calling for free annual credit reports and scores, lenders to give a specific reason if you’re rejected and standardised credit scoring between the credit agencies.

Why this is a good thing

Your credit score controls control your access to credit cards, mortgages, loans, even where you can live and work, but if you want to access this information about you, you need to pay for it.

While statutory credit reports are available for £2 from each of the three credit reporting agencies, the full credit report including your credit score can cost as much as £14.99 a month.

One in three credit reports have errors

We believe that having more access to this information will help more people take control of their finances and make informed decisions when applying for credit.

How to check your credit score for free

Become a Barclaycard customer

Barclaycard are offering both their new and existing personal customers free, regular access to their Experian Credit Score.

They will be able to access their score through their online account and, from early next year, via the Barclaycard mobile app.

Find a Barclaycard card

Compare a huge range of Barclaycard credit cards with our comparison tables

Barclaycard credit cards

Get a credit builder credit card

Credit builder credit cards are designed to help those with poor or limited credit histories improve their credit score. Several offer free access to credit reports to help their customers rebuild their score.

Notably Aqua credit builder cards offer their customers free access to their credit reports.

Tesco Bank are offering free access to Callcredit reports with their Foundation card (available exclusively on their website), aimed at customers with poor credit.

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Free trials

Anyone can access their statutory credit report for £2 from each provider, so £6 to get all copies from the three big agencies.

You can enjoy a one month free trial with most of the big credit reporting agencies, notably Experian and Equifax. This will give you full access to your report, but be careful, after the free trial expires access will cost you roughly £15 per month.

Compare credit reports

Find a credit reporting agency to view your full credit report

Compare credit reports

New entrants

There are also new entrants like Noddle (who are powered by Callcredit) and ClearScore (based on your Equifax report) who offer you free access to your credit report.

It’s your report

Nicolas Frankcom, Banking expert at, says:

“We have always argued, through our ‘It’s My Report‘ campaign, that the information credit agencies and lenders hold about you is rightfully yours, and no one should have to pay for the privilege of viewing it.

“This move is a win for consumers and we hope that others will follow Barclaycard and Tesco’s lead. We call on the other credit report agencies and providers to explore similar partnerships, as all consumers need access to all three credit reference agencies to get the full picture of their credit rating.”

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