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What are uSwitch’s top balance transfer cards this September?

If you overspent this summer, a balance transfer card could help you avoid interest on your existing card debts. To help you get a good deal, we take a closer look at the market-leading balance transfer offers on uSwitch.

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Summer has come to an end, and many of us might have overspent on our holidays or whilst enjoying the sun at home.

So if the brisk September breeze has put an end to your summer dreaming and you’re looking at your card balance with a worried expression, a balance transfer card could help.

We’ve listed what we think are some of the best deals on uSwitch below, but remember, just because a card tops our tables, it might not be the best fit for you. So make sure to think about what you need and shop around for a card.

Compare balance transfer credit cards

Find a balance transfer credit card and stop paying expensive interest payments on your balance.

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What’s a balance transfer card?

A 0% balance transfer card can be used to move your existing credit card debts to a new card where you wont pay any interest on the balance for a set period of time.

Our short video explains more. Our you can read our guide on balance transfer cards.

The longest 0% periods

With 0% balance transfer cards it’s all about length, with cards competing on who can give you the longest 0% period for the lowest transfer fee.

But note that usually the longer the 0% period, the higher the fee. So if you can repay a debt quicker maybe a shorter 0% period could be better for you.


Tesco lead the way with the longest period you can pay no interest on balance transfers for with the lowest fee.

This card also offers a market leading 40 months 0% for money transfers, so it could also help to clear overdrafts.

  • Fee for a £1,000 balance transfer: £26.90
  • Repayments needed to clear £1,000 before 0% period ends: £25

The longest 0% interest period with no fee

It’s worth thinking about how long you’d need to repay your balance, if you don’t need as long as 40 months, you could get a card with a shorter 0% period and no transfer fees at all.


If you want to avoid interest for as long as possible, without paying anything whatsoever, then this card from Halifax tops our tables.

You can enjoy a 29 month reprieve from interest charges and there’s no fee to pay to transfer your balance.

  • Fee for a £1,000 balance transfer: £0
  • Repayments needed to clear £1,000 before 0% period ends: £34.49

Santander – an honourable mention

Strictly speaking this card from Santander offers the longest 0% period for no fee. However, whilst they don’t charge a fee to make a balance transfer, they do charge a monthly £3 account fee.

These fees can soon add and the card will cost you £36 a year just to have. However, it’s still worth considering  as Santander’s offer includes some useful features, like cashback, no foreign transaction fees and discounts if you already have 1|2|3 account.

  • Fee for a £1,000 balance transfer: £0
  • Repayments needed to clear £1,000 before 0% period ends: £25.65
  • Monthly account fee: £3

The ‘best of both worlds’ 0% cards

If you want a credit card that has more than one type of 0% offer, an all-round, dual or ‘best of both worlds’ credit card could be the card for you.

You can use these cards to clear your existing balance, make new purchases or clear your overdraft without paying interest.


MBNA are offering 30 months 0% interest on purchases, money and balance transfers. So, you can use this Swiss-army-knife of a card to make interest free purchases as well as dodging interest on your existing card debts or overdrafts.

  • Fee for a £1,000 balance transfer: £27.20
  • Repayments needed to clear £1,000 before 0% period ends: £33.34


If you want a card that could clear your summer spending hangover and get you ready for Christmas with interest-free purchases and Nectar points bonus, this card from Sainsbury’s could be the one for you.

You can enjoy up to 30 months 0% interest for purchases and balance transfers, as well as earning Nectar points.

However, it has an ever so slightly higher fee than the MBNA all-round card.

  • Fee for a £1,000 balance transfer: £27.40
  • Repayments needed to clear £1,000 before 0% period ends: £33.34

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