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Broadband in Bristol

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*The "average" speed displayed in Mb represents the speed available to 50% of customers with this product during peak time (between 8pm and 10pm). The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up — this may differ from the average speed displayed on our table.

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How to find the best broadband deals in Bristol

There are a range of great broadband deals on offer in Bristol, with packages available for broadband-only services, as well as bundles that include home phone, TV and even mobile phone services all under the same contract.

You can find deals for standard broadband, fibre and gigabit-capable full fibre. However, it's important you sign up for an option that's well-suited to your expected usage.

If you live alone or with one other person, and you're only going to be browsing the web and occasionally streaming in standard definition, an average speed of 10Mbps could be enough for your household.

However, if you want to stream smoothly in HD while others are using the internet, or even enjoy watching in 4K, you'll need a minimum speed of 30Mbps for everyone at home. This is especially the case if you live with two or more people.

While Bristol is very well covered with fibre services, availability of faster services like full fibre may vary depending on where in the city you live. Therefore, it pays to use our broadband postcode checker, which can show you all the options available for your address and what speeds you can expect.

Internet providers in Bristol

All of the UK's major internet providers offer services in Bristol, so it's important to look at the options carefully to find the service that works best for you.

It's not all about the headline monthly price, as consumers should also consider the speed, contract length and what extras are on offer when comparing broadband providers.

Here are some of Bristol's most popular providers.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is one of the fastest widely-available internet providers in Bristol, with speeds of up to 1.1Gbps on offer to customers within its network.

As well as broadband-only deals, it offers a huge amount of TV options, with entertainment, sports and movie packages available through its powerful and smart Virgin TV 360 set-top box.


TalkTalk is well known for its excellent customer service and low-cost broadband deals.

It's particularly well-suited to users looking for great value, as in addition to low monthly prices, the firm's Fixed Price Guarantee means you won't be surprised by any unexpected price increases through the term of your contract.


Another of the UK's best-value broadband providers, Plusnet offers a range of fibre packages with the option to add phone services as needed.

The firm is also well-regarded for its high-quality, UK-based customer service, which has won many accolades over the years, including at the Uswitch Awards.

BT Broadband

BT is the UK's largest provider of broadband services and offers a range of standard and fibre deals with average speeds of up to 900Mbps in Bristol, depending on whether you can get its ultrafast full fibre connections.

Users can also take advantage of a range of add-ons and features, including the firm's powerful Smart Hub Wi-Fi router and the optional Complete Wi-Fi, which promises to deliver full wireless coverage throughout your home.

Sky Broadband

Sky is an ideal choice for those looking for a full home entertainment package, offering a wide range of broadband, phone, TV and mobile deals. However, you can secure broadband-only deals as well.

It has average speeds of up to 900Mbps in certain areas of Bristol too, given it uses the same full fibre network as BT's Openreach. Plus, there are a huge range of film and sports packages on offer. It's also great for families, thanks to its industry-leading range of parental control options.

Can I get full fibre broadband in Bristol?

Full fibre broadband, also known as fibre-to-the-premises, differs from regular fibre by using fibre-optic cabling right to your front door, whereas other services still rely on copper to connect your home to the nearest exchange.

This means speeds of up to 1Gbps are accessible in many areas — around 12 times faster than slower fibre services. Availability of these services is more limited than for other options, but there are still locations in Bristol where you can access them.

CityFibre, for instance, has a full fibre network that extends from Filton to Almondsbury and into the city centre and is growing all the time, while Openreach has also completed the rollout of its own fibre-to-the-premises network in certain parts of the city, with work also well underway in other locations as part of its 'Fibre First' programme.

How fast is the internet in Bristol?

Internet speeds in Bristol are just as fast as other areas of the country - it's mainly your postcode that will determine the broadband speed you can get.

If you're in an area that can only get part-fibre broadband, your maximum internet speed will be around 70Mbps. This is still plenty for most households nowadays, but if you're one of the lucky properties on the UK's growing full fibre network (or Virgin Media's own cable network), you might be able to access speeds beyond 1000Mbps (or 1Gbps).

Find out your current internet speed at home with the Uswitch internet speed test.