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Every once in a while an insurance provider comes along with an unusual type of cover. City Insurance Group, as a matter of fact, have quite a few policies that fall in the atypical scheme of things. As a trading style of City Broking Ltd, City Insurance can match your needs with one or more quotes within just minutes.

The first one of the ‘unusual’ types of cover is aimed at female drivers under the age of 25. Most insurance companies group people by age, driving history, disabilities and so forth but it is rare for an insurer to group by gender. Typically, those under age 25 are considered younger drivers and subject to a higher rate. City Insurance also caters for male young drivers, drivers on a provisional licence, drivers of luxury or high performance vehicles, and drivers with previous claims or driving convictions.

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This particular insurance company also offers what they call a ‘No’ No Claims Bonus. If you are a new driver who has never had the opportunity to receive a no claims bonus from any company whatsoever, or perhaps have made a claim and lost your bonus, City Insurance will still give you a discount at the very beginning to new policyholders. After that, they have a fairly remarkable bonus scheme on the no claims feature.

The zero no claims bonus offers a discount at the end of the first year and thereafter, the amount increases every year through a five year time period. It amounts to a huge reduction in the cost of your policy so the intent is to keep you driving safely and to avoid filing claims.

City Insurance carries a wide range of car insurance products which means that they can meet the needs of almost any driver, private or commercial.

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