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What our customers say

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Do you need windscreen cover insurance?

If you answer yes to all these questions you could need windscreen insurance...

Do you have third party only cover?

Any damage to your windscreen would not be covered, yet windscreens are the most commonly-damaged part of a car.

Does your car insurance have a large excess?

If your windscreen needed replacing and your insurer deducted your excess, could you afford to pay for it?

Can you afford to lose your no claims bonus?

A claim for a windscreen could result in you losing your no claims discount, meaning next year's car insurance premiums could rise.

Do you prefer peace of mind?

A clear and separate windscreen policy can reassure you that you can get chips and cracks repaired quickly, with no fuss.

What is windscreen cover?

Having windscreen cover means you can get chips, large or small, repaired without having to spend any money other than the excess. But it also covers the complete replacement of a windscreen that cracks or smashes. If you’re driving along and notice a tiny crack or chip in your windscreen, you may think that this isn't worth paying the excess on your car insurance policy to repair. But if left untreated the chip could turn into a crack, eventually shattering the windscreen.

It’s worth checking whether you already have windscreen cover included on your car insurance.

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Find in-depth information on everything you need to know about comparing windscreen insurance and switching your cover.

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Is windscreen cover included in my car insurance as standard?

Windscreen insurance isn’t always a feature of car insurance. Some insurers include it as standard, others offer it as a bolt-on extra, for which you’ll pay a small additional premium.

Some  insurers don’t offer this type of protection at all. If you’re looking for windscreen cover for cars, take time to note how, if at all, it might affect your no claims bonus, and whether you’d need to pay an excess on any claim. If this is the case, you might be better off buying standalone windscreen cover.

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Windscreen insurance FAQs

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