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When seeking car insurance in the UK, most people think that all motor insurance companies have similar cover and cater to UK citizens. Clements car insurance has stepped out of the mould as it is tailored to expatriates of literally any country living and working in the United Kingdom. Although the international company is based in the United States, Washington, D.C. to be exact, the insurance cover is based on the UK and also for drivers in Europe. Clements also has insurance cover for businesses as well as individual drivers.

In the 65+ years Clements have been providing insurance cover, they have found that it is almost an exercise in futility to try to have local adjusters and claims specialists trying to assess loss on an international claim. For this reason, they have their own team in place. A claims packet is available and upon submission, Clements says that ‘most claims’ are typically settled within just two to three weeks.

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Clements, or Clements Worldwide as the company is known, has written policies in more than 170 countries. The origin of Clements was for the purpose of serving drivers in the U.S. Foreign Service who had reason to drive in countries where they were stationed. Since that time, the company has grown to insure expatriates living in the UK as well as in most of Europe and elsewhere.

The type of cover provided is fairly standard with comprehensive and third party policies with the only real difference being the nationality of the driver being insured. Of course the driver must have a valid licence to drive a motor vehicle in the country in which he or she would like to be insured, but they do not need to be a citizen of that country.

The subject of claims keeps coming up time and again when interested in learning about Clements insurance cover but this really is the bottom line after all. If you are involved in an accident in a country that abides by a different set of laws than you are accustomed to, it pays to have an insurer that is well versed in driving laws around the world. That would be Clements Worldwide.

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