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Drivology insurance

Drivology Black box

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As an appointed representative of insurance great AXA, Drivology is an innovative approach for a predefined group of drivers with the intent of offering them cheaper rates that can continue going down over time.

Unlike other applications that need to have a device (generally referred to as a black box) installed in the vehicle, Drivology simply needs the driver to utilise his or her smartphone. The app can be downloaded from the App Store (Apple products) or the Google Play Store (Android OS).

The app runs in the background on your smartphone whilst you are travelling and every journey you make, long or short, is recorded but gives you instant feedback when the trip is complete. Whether driving shorter distances or longer trips across country, the app documents such things as speed, braking, acceleration and other ways in which you handle the road.

Drivology isn’t for all drivers though as they have some specific requirements you must meet. Drivers must be over the age of 25, have had a UK driving licence for a period longer than one year and have a no claims bonus documenting their safe driving history.

At the end of each three month period, premiums will be recalculated based on information gathered from the app on a smartphone. Drivers want further discounts on their policy so most will work hard to drive safely. However, it is wise to be aware of the fact that there is potential for your premium to stay the same or even rise if your driving isn’t deemed as safe as it should or could be.

One of the features which many drivers like is the fact that a Drivology policy can be ended without a penalty charge. Under certain conditions a refund may also be issued. Details regarding early cancellation can be found on their Terms of Business page and it is suggested that you read this page thoroughly when requesting a Drivology insurance quote.

Bear in mind that Drivology will monitor your use of the app in relation to how often the app is started and stopped, length of trips in relation to declared mileage on your policy and locations where the app is started and stopped.

Drivology does not have an app that is supported by Blackberry devices or Windows phones so this is important to know as well. If you have a safe driving history, a compatible smartphone and are looking for discounted insurance, Drivology might be a company to consider.

Black box provider


Box type

Drivology does not need a black box or any other device fitted to your car but instead monitors your driving through Drivology's app available on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Drivology links what you pay to how you drive by tracking information such as the speed you drive, acceleration, braking, the types of roads you use, the times you drive and how familiar you are with the roads you use. This allows Drivology to take these factors into account when working out the cost of your premium and you get feedback on the app after each journey.

Features of the Drivology policy:

- Driving app

- No curfews (however night time driving may affect your driving score)

- Premium can go up or down depending on driving behaviour

Opening hours

  • Mon to Fri: 9:00am to 5:00pm

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