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Endsleigh provides insurance for students and young professionals, making them one of the few to specialise in cover for this segment of the UK population.

In order to understand just how significant this fact is, it is important to look at their history. Endsleigh was founded by the National Union of Students, the NUS, in the year 1965. The sole intent was to negotiate special rates for students needing insurance. Going forward, Endsleigh began providing insurance cover not only for students, but for graduates and for young professionals as well. They pride themselves on being ranked in first place as the provider of insurance for those demographics.

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With 50 years of experience in finding insurance for students and young professionals, Endsleigh knows what types of cover are best suited for young people and also has an eye out for the best deals. It is obvious that most students don’t have the type of income to support costly insurance, so Endsleigh is diligent in finding cover that is affordable.

One of the benefits that goes beyond what most insurance brokers can provide is a super-fast bonus accelerator. Many companies will offer a ten month No Claims bonus but Endsleigh has found providers with cheap quotes and an accelerated bonus that can be effective in just 6 months. That’s half the time of the typical one year No Claims bonus, and 4 months faster than those claiming a ten month accelerated bonus. For students, this could amount to a huge saving.

As their long history shows, this is one company that understands the need for well-defined specialist insurance. Beginning with finding great deals on insurance for students, Endsleigh has now branched out into finding cheap rates on specialist cover for a broad array of business and personal needs. If it is specialist cover you are looking for, this is a good place to start.

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