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Go Girl

Although insurers are no longer allowed to price policies according to gender, Go Girl is tailored to women and has their needs in mind. Men asking for a Go Girl quote will receive the same consideration as the fairer sex.

Go Girl Insurance is a trading name of the parent company, Sabre Insurance Company Ltd, which has been doing business in the UK since 1982. This trade name was instituted for women but also as an online, direct approach to the Sabre line of insurance products.

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There is a cover for most types of private vehicles including high value cars, modified cars and small vans and Go Girl writes policies throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. As an online insurance company, this is how they prefer to communicate with customers and will do so via email and SMS messages. Being authorised and regulated by the FCA as well as the Prudential Regulation Authority, Go Girl adheres to statutes governing insurance and financial products in the United Kingdom.

Those who opt to buy cover with Go Girl can choose to pay the entire annual amount up front or they can pay a deposit usually equal to 20% of the policy and the remainder along with interest will be amortised over monthly instalments. If you have a No Claims Discount it must be received within 14 days of activation of your policy with Go Girl. As well, it must be an NCD on a private, non-commercial car within an EU country and within the previous 2 year period. No NCDs will be accepted on company or fleet cars.

Go Girl is big on fraud prevention and will ask for proof that you ‘are who you say you are’ both when getting a quote as well as at key times throughout your tenure with the company, such as at renewal times. In order to better protect consumers, they closely scrutinise each and every claim. This helps to keep costs down as Go Girl will not be paying out huge sums on fraudulent claims.

They also make it clear that they will forward your policy information to the Motor Insurance Database, managed by the Motor Insurer’s Bureau as it is used by law enforcement agencies. Please be aware that it may take up to seven days for your information to be active in the database. With a high focus on protecting your personal information and on keeping fraudulent claims low, Go Girl advises that they are an insurer with your peace of mind at heart.

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