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Go Skippy insurance

Go Skippy

0330 555 2719

As a trading style of Eldon Insurance Services Ltd, GoSkippy offers a wide range of car, van and bike insurance. They are registered in England and Wales and also offer other insurance cover meant to complement the main policy as well as a line of home insurance.

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There are four main categories of cover which include:

  • Fire & Theft Insurance
  • 3rd Party Insurance
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance
  • Learner Driver Insurance

Some companies either don’t provide learner driver insurance or price it off the charts. GoSkippy states that they offer this cover at competitive prices which makes it easier on young drivers to find the cover they legally need. Although insurance is a necessity, they aim to not only keep it affordable but perhaps save you money as well.

With a wide range of optional cover, GoSkippy provides options that suit a variety of drivers and budgets. The most extensive cover, of course, is fully comprehensive but there are value added services which can significantly extend that cover. Some of the value added options include specialist insurance and extended warranty. Specialist insurance typically covers vintage and other vehicles that have been modified and/or specialised.

As an example of what their comprehensive policy covers, the first thing to know is that you are insured whether you are at fault or not at fault. It also covers damage to your car if it is parked unattended but you should be aware of the fact that filing a claim could very well affect your premiums. You may also lose your No Claims Bonus so they advise you to check before filing a claim to see which would be more advantageous financially. In other words, which will be the greater amount you would pay, repair of the damage or a higher cost on your policy.

To be legally eligible for GoSkippy Insurance you must be between the ages of 17 and 74 and have a UK or European Union driver’s licence. You must also be a permanent resident and you cannot have any non-motoring convictions that have not been spent in terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. GoSkippy will also look to see if you have ever been refused cover or had cancellations or any special terms on a previous policy.

Vehicles covered by GoSkippy cannot have more than 6 seats and all must be factory fitted or in accordance with factory specifications. GoSkippy will not insure hire or lease vehicles with a term shorter than 12 months. As well, the maximum amount of the vehicle cannot exceed £50,000. Although there are very specific terms under which you can be insured, GoSkippy says they do offer rates that are highly competitive.

Opening hours

  • Monday: 8am - 8am
  • Tuesday to Thursday: 9am - 8pm
  • Friday: 9am - 7pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
  • Sunday: 9am - 5pm

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