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Hastings Essential

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Those looking for cheap car insurance know that some companies include extras that drive the price up. With Hastings Essential, only the minimum amount of cover is included as standard which will keep the cost lower. This particular insurance was designed to include only those benefits that Hastings believes to be essential. This is not to say that you can’t find Hastings Insurance with additional benefits, it just means that the Hastings Essential policy is designed to keep premiums as low as possible – the no frills approach.

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As a trading style of Hastings Insurance Services Limited, Hastings Essential can claim the same honours as the parent company that is a Defaqto 5 Star rated insurance company. With excellent customer service and a name that is regarded highly in the industry, Hastings Essential is often chosen by those looking for low cost yet high quality cover. There are some conditions which should be noted as these could affect a driver’s decision when opting for one policy over another. When being covered by an Essential Comprehensive policy, you have only 48 hours to notify them of an accident, whether at fault or not at fault.

Also, you agree to have the vehicle repaired after an accident at a Hastings authorised repairer but you will be given a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is in for repairs. This is a class A car, usually a 3 door hatchback but you will not have access to a courtesy car on the Essential policy if the accident took place in Europe or in cases of total loss. A courtesy car is also not available where it was stolen and unrecoverable.

Hastings Essential does allow for the adjustment of policy excess and you have the option to protect a No Claims Bonus if you have one. Any repairs made by a Hastings approved repairer are guaranteed for a period of three years.

If you are tired of paying for benefits you don’t want or need, Hastings Essential is a bare bones policy that can be added to if you so desire. Start with the bare essentials and add cover as you need it, but the basic policy is one that will offer lower prices which appeals to a great number of drivers. No matter whether you choose to buy the most basic policy or add on extra benefits, Hastings Essential guarantees the same level of customer care as they provide to their more expensive products.

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