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Right Choice

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Unlike other online brokers, Right Choice is aimed at the personal approach to each and every policy. No two drivers are exactly the same and so Right Choice provides quotes based on the needs of that particular vehicle owner, that particular driver.

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According to Right Choice, they believe in cutting costs, not cutting cover so they will seek to find the greatest amount of cover for the lowest prices. It is their belief that they differ from other brokers who can find cheap rates but those rates will be based on cover that is insufficient for the driver’s needs. Some factors Right Choice will look at when trying to determine a way to save drivers money include:

  • Convictions and claims that are soon to be outdated.
  • High performance car that was recently purchased – driving history with a similar vehicle considered.
  • If the driver doesn’t have a No Claims Bonus but can demonstrate safe driving as a company driver or perhaps as a named driver on another policy.
  • New drivers with proof of Pass Plus Scheme.
  • Multi-vehicle in same household can save up to 65%.
  • Multiple policy discounts – meaning more than one type of insurance which could include such cover as contents and/or building insurance.

Right Choice also makes it known that they are not simply an internet broker but have a sizeable staff to answer any questions consumers may have via a phone call. They freely offer advice and are even happy to have drivers visit them at their location in Romford, Essex. Any of the above considerations may have an impact on prices they can provide so they ask that you contact them to see how lower costs can be achieved.

With a wide range of private and commercial car insurance policies, Right Choice believes they can find the type of cover drivers require and at prices they can afford. From van and taxi insurance to bike and car insurance, there isn’t a vehicle they can’t find insurance for and as stated, if you have any doubts they ask that you contact their home office. If it can be insured, Right Choice believes they can find affordable cover without sacrificing benefits.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 7pm
  • Sunday: 11am - 4pm

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