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Car insurance for your Ford

Founder Henry Ford changed the way of life for many people by producing cars that combined practicality with affordability.

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Car insurance for your FordCar insurance for your Ford

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History of Ford 

Ford have been pioneers in the car industry since founder Henry Ford introduced the Model T vehicle in 1908. The reasonably-priced Model T, known for its reliability and efficiency appealed to a much broader consumer market and greatly accelerated car ownership. 

But the pioneering spirit was not just evident in the cars they produced but in how they were built. Initially, Ford built cars the same way as everybody else – one at a time – but the introduction of an assembly line meant mass production became a reality. 

Ford’s present stable of cars continue to attract customers around the world – in the What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2019, the Ford Galaxy, Ford Fiesta ST and Ford Ranger all won in their respective categories. 

Over the years Ford have produced some classic cars – in the 1960s, 70s and 1980s various reincarnations of the Ford Cortina graced UK roads as too did the sporty Ford Capri which still attracts enthusiasts today. 

Ford also developed a strong foothold in the 4x4 market. The company built its first 4 x4 in 1959 it was a truck but the company has branched out since and refined their offering – typified by the stylish, latter day Kuga. 

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Ford fact file

  • Hat-trick for Ford. The Ford Fiesta, Focus and Kuga all figure in the top 10 selling cars in the UK for 2020 – according to the independent Parkers car guide. 

  • Electric first. Ford’s first-ever all-electric, series-production car, a five-door Focus hatchback powered solely by a lithum-ion battery pack and AC electric motor.

  • Made in Dagenham. The Ford Dagenham plant in Dagenham, East London, opened in 1931 and at its height in 1953 employed around 40,000 workers. The plant was the setting for the 2010 film Made In Dagenham which told the story of female sewing machinists at Ford fighting for equal pay for women.  

Ford cars in the insurance groups 

Insurance premiums on a Ford vehicle can vary – not just in relation to age and driving history but also to the insurance group rating. For instance, the Ka with its small engine sits in the 1-10 insurance group rankings, whereas the high-powered Ford Mustang Convertible sits in the 43-47 insurance grouping.  

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See a range of car insurance quotes in just a few minutes when you compare with Uswitch