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Car Insurance for Toyota Cars

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Car Insurance for Toyota Cars
Car Insurance for Toyota Cars

Toyota is now the world's largest car manufacturer and its cars are famed for their reliability. Toyota was the first company to launch a hybrid family car and in January 2020 it surpassed a milestone selling more than 15 million hybrid electric vehicles worldwide. 

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Since it began car production in 1934, turning to military vehicles during the war years, Toyota went from strength to strength in the 1960s, establishing a worldwide presence.

Toyota began making high quality smaller, more economical cars in response to the oil crisis of the 1970s and sales soared. It’s also a leader for its hybrid technology which it developed more than 25 years ago. Toyota is the parent company of the luxury brand Lexus and together the range of hybrid electric vehicles total 44 at a global level. 

The latest Toyota models 

The Toyota line up offer a little something for everyone at various price points from economical and sporty designs or something powerful, sleek but all with cutting-edge connectivity and safety features. Toyota produces its cars off its New Global Architecture platform. 

The latest models come with ample cargo space and are designed for comfort with sport-contoured front seats. The range includes small cars, hybrids, family cars and SUVs. 

Eco-conscious customers can get evolved hybrid vehicles with powertrain units designed with higher fuel efficiencies and more dynamic drive performance. Toyota cars remain fun to drive and come in a kaleidoscope of colour choices with loads of accessories and features to enhance your driving experience.

In June 2020, the Toyota Yaris featured among the Sunday Times top 10 bestselling cars, breaking the top ranks for the first time. Why? Because the latest model says the Times comes “with a raft of upgrades”, with Toyota insisting specifically that the Yaris is “the world’s safest compact car.”

Toyota says the Yaris was engineered to be the world’s safest compact car with Advanced Driver Assistance systems (ADAS) installed as standard. And it’s even more compact at less than four metres.  

Enhanced features on Toyota models

The styling of the new car ought to be highlighted with Toyota’s chief engineer, Yasunori Suezawa, colourful description: “I wanted the styling to capture the stance of an athlete on the starting blocks. You can see this in the rear wings and the car’s new proportions – wider, 

Among the many features of the five-door Yaris model is it’s more compact, the driver’s position has changed offering more room between the driver and the wheel and more space between the front passenger and the driver. In addition, the instrument panel is now lower to reduce eye movement.

  • Corolla

  • Mirai

  • Prius

  • Aygo

  • Yaris

  • GT86

  • Supra

  • Corolla Touring Sports

  • Prius+

Toyota engines and fuel consumption

Toyota may have a focus on developing new alternative fuels and powertrains but conventional petrol and diesel engines, which are still very much in play, are also becoming cleaner and more fuel efficient too. 

Utilising knowledge from its hybrid power systems, technologies and new methods help Toyota engines to reduce emission levels balancing efficiency and performance. 

You can choose from a range petrol, diesel or hybrid engines for fuel efficiency. For example, you can have a five speed-manual 1.5L for the Yaris models which delivers cost savings with excellent fuel efficiency. It gives you an estimated 40 mpg on the highway and 32 mpg in the city. 

The Toyota Corolla compact car has estimated 31/38 mpg while the Corolla Hybrid delivers 53/52 mpg. The Toyota Prius delivers when it comes to fuel savings with 62.5 mpg.

Fuel economy range: 36 – 67  

Toyota fun facts

  • Eco vehicles. The first company to release a mainstream hybrid vehicle, Toyota is taking this further. In future it plans to release all models with a hybrid option. Its scientists are also developing hydrogen fuel cell technology.

  • Breaking records. The Toyota Corolla is the bestselling car of all time. Produced for almost 50 years, the Corolla breaks all records and has sold over 40 million cars worldwide.

Does Toyota offer temporary insurance?

It’s illegal to drive a car without insurance. You must have insurance cover to drive your new car home and temporary cover fills the gap until you can arrange your annual insurance.  

Toyota offers comprehensive car insurance but you can use Uswitch to shop and compare car insurance quotes. 

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Toyota insurance group

You can find car insurance group by the brand, make and model of a particular car by downloading the Toyota Group Insurance Ratings. Toyota models car insurance range from group 11 to 35.

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