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Volkswagen insurance

Car insurance for your Volkswagen

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Volkswagen is famed for the iconic Beetle and its reliable family cars and is the third biggest car manufacturer in the world. uSwitch can help you get a cheap car insurance quote for your Volkswagen.

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History of Volkswagen

Volkswagen was born out of Germany’s desire for an affordable car for the masses. Created by Ferdinand Porsche, the result was the 1938 KdF Wagen, which later became the famous Volkswagen Beetle.

The group is the parent company of many other manufacturers including Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini and Bentley.

Popular Volkswagen models

uSwitch can help you find cheap car insurance quotes for all these models and more:

Volkswagen factfile

  • Volkswagen’s biggest seller. The Golf is the bestselling Volkswagen ever produced. In its 40-year history, around 30 million Volkswagen Golfs have been sold, making it the 3rd bestselling car of all time.
  • The Beastie Boys and Volkswagen. When The Beastie Boys wore Volkswagen emblems, many fans stole badges from cars to emulate their heroes. Volkswagen issued thousands of replica badges to rap fans to stop the thefts.

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