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City Insurance Group car insurance

City Insurance Group is a Winchester-based broker who’s been trading since 1989. City Insurance Group claims it partners with more than 40 insurers to ensure the best possible deal, bulk-buying where it can to leverage its buying muscle.

How good is City Insurance Group car insurance?

Reviews.io: 4.6/5 stars

City Insurance Group doesn't have a Defaqto rating, but makes up for it with an impressive 4.6/5 from Reviews.io (an average of more than 800 reviews) with several staff praised for prompt and fair handling.

Trustpilot: 3.4/5 stars

There’s a reasonable 3.4 score from Trustpilot with some consistent good quality user feedback, bought down somewhat by some cancellation fee dissatisfaction. Company communication is strong, according to feedback.

About City Insurance Group insurance

This broker is also exclusively UK-based, so no frustrating conversations via off-shore call centres. The Winchester business claims they’ve negotiated special rates for younger female drivers. They also offer van, home and travel cover, so if you’re happy with your car insurance quote, you can try them for your other insurance basics. 

Most comprehensive policies will include legal expenses plus new car replacement and windscreen cover – though check your policy for exact details as these often vary slightly.

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Value for money?

City Insurance Group says they offer excellent value for drivers with little no-claims history. For example, you might be an ex-company car driver. Or you might have relied on being a named driver on someone else’s policy. 

If you have a higher performance vehicle – such as a Ford Focus RS, VW Golf GTI and Mini Cooper Works, for example – then negotiated discount rates for vehicles with powerful engines shouldn’t be an issue, the company says.

City Insurance Group car insurance policies

City Insurance Group car insurance offer three choices of cover:

  • Fully comprehensive

  • Third party, fire and theft 

  • Third party only

Short-term cover can range from one day to 28 with driving ages starting from 17 but there’s a cut-off for anyone more than 75.

If you want a family member or a friend on your policy and your insurer feels they’re not able to cover them – for whatever reason – then City Insurance Group refers them to Tempcover.com.

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No it doesn’t. Instead it nudges you towards Marmalade. City Insurance Group also recommends Marmalade for young and/or learner drivers using, for example, a parental car.

City Insurance Group standard car insurance cover

Fully comprehensive cover generally includes, depending on the policy:

  • Courtesy car if your vehicle needs fixing following an accident

  • Windscreen cover including repairs or possible replacement

  • European cover is standard for 60 days on many policies though this can be extended – do check

  • Most policies include audio cover as standard

  • There’s a UK-based helpline for support and advice

  • Bonus protection is also offered on some policies as is full legal protection including hire car if your vehicle is written off

  • An automatic online discount for their policies 

The vast majority of City Insurance Group’s policies include windscreen repair cover though make your own checks to see if a claim affects your no-claims discount.

Standard on most policies but, as always, it is subject to availability. The key thing (again, like most policies) here is that your car must be repairable. So if you unfortunately write off your car and it is not repairable you wouldn’t be eligible for a courtesy car.

Most City Insurance Group policies will cover European travel for 90 days. Some will be valid for 60 days. A scattering of policies may dip to 30 days.

There’s a basic measure of personal belongings cover but this will not be an extension of your home insurance. So, depending on policy, this cover will be normally in the region of £150-£250 maximum. 

As normal with this type of cover, it is not a life insurance policy. That means it won’t generate huge amounts of money in the event of an accident. City Insurance Group says sums paid out, dependent on circumstances, are typically in the £3,000-£5,000 region.

The majority of policies include new car replacement cover as long as the car is within 12 months of its life and you’re the first registered owner. 

City Insurance Group optional extras

Like most insurance cover you can add extra car insurance onto your policy so it’s completely bespoke and right for you. Pay-extra options can help swerve any potential impact on your no-claims discount.

Legal cover is limited to non-fault only where you claim losses against another party. City Insurance Group will organise a claims management company to act on your behalf. Normally a hire car will be provided and this will be sourced regardless of the condition of your vehicle. So if your car is written off and the accident is not your fault, you get a hired replacement car, no argument.

There’s three levels of breakdown cover, two in the UK, one in Europe. The first is roadside assistance and the second is national recovery. Home start cover can be included, depending on your policy, so do double-check.

Most City Insurance Group policies offer key cover. Some City Insurance Group policies will cover you for loss and theft while some may just supply theft-only. If you buy separate key cover, the limit is generally around £2,000, which is £1,000 more than the standard cover. 

It's common and reasonable to always report stolen keys to the police and to get a crime reference number, whether it’s in the UK or Europe. Do hang onto any receipts related to keys lost or stolen.

Whatever excess protection a policy comes with you can buy extra. So if you do have to make a claim against your own policy where you pay the excess, this excess is later reimbursed.

What is City Insurance Group car insurance best for?

  • Drivers with little no-claims credit built up

  • Those with higher performance vehicles

  • Female and younger drivers

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