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Freedom Brokers car insurance

New kid on the block Freedom Brokers arrived on the insurance scene in 2017. Its USP is “doing things differently”. There’s an emphasis on a UK-based call centre, plenty of policy upgrade space and strong claims support.

How good is Freedom Brokers car insurance?

Reviews.io rating: 2.5/5 stars

An ordinary 2.5/5 score here from Reviews.io but the low feedback (just six, late 2020) is too small to be representative.  

Trustpilot: 4.5/5 stars

There’s a far more impressive and reliable rating based on more than 1,500 reviews from Trustpilot with a 4.5% score overall. The company’s black box product is well liked and the online underwriting process appears quick and deft.

About Freedom Brokers insurance

Insurance panel partners include big names like Covea and Ageas. Freedom Brokers also offer specialist protection cover for motoring offence legal costs. It’s simple to manage your policy online thanks to a clear and straightforward website. 

The company also offers home and pet insurance. Freedom Brokers is led by female entrepreneur Sam White and much of her board is female.    

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Value for money?

Freedom Brokers says all policies are tailor-made. Breakdown cover isn’t included as standard though this is the same for many policies and may be reflected in a more competitive quote – but always shop around. 

Their value for money emphasis is supported by telematics or ‘black box’ interest as well as Covid-19 lockdown measures (late 2020). In other words, there’s more stress on driver use to keep your annual quote as reasonable as possible.

Freedom Brokers also offers Gap Insurance cover, covering the difference between the price of a new vehicle and the total loss claim, if your car’s written off.

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Freedom Brokers car insurance policies

Freedom Brokers car insurance offer three choices of cover:

  • Fully comprehensive

  • Third party, fire and theft 

  • Third party only

Yes, some policies have black box or telematics options, usually aimed at harder-to-insure younger drivers

No, there’s no short-term cover offered.

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Yes, priced from £49.95 a year. You can pick the amount of cover up to £5,000 max. It also includes cover if your tools in transit are stolen while you’re loading or unloading. Claims are limited to two within 12 months.

Freedom Brokers standard car insurance cover

It depends on your policy. As a rule-of-thumb most of their policies will include:

  • A courtesy car should your vehicle needs attention following an accident

  • Windscreen protection including repairs or replacement is generally offered

  • European cover can be standard (but not all policies) so do check

  • Almost all policies will include audio cover as standard

  • For emergency reassurance there’s a UK-based helpline

Most Freedom Brokers policies include windscreen repair cover though it’s a good idea to double-check to see if a repair will impact on your no-claims. Most policy claims shouldn’t but it’s a good idea to double-check.

A courtesy car while your own car is being repaired is standard for most comprehensive policies though if you write off your car – you’re warned – you may not be eligible. If you qualify for a courtesy car you may have to insure it. Courtesy cars are always subject to availability and they’re not guaranteed, be advised.

Most comprehensive policies protect you with European cover for 60 days or more. A few policies may offer less. It’s your responsibility to check the precise amount.

Fully comp cover always includes a basic measure of personal belongings protection though do check on what caps are applied (often around £1,000 total). Mobile goods such as lap-tops and mobile ‘phones aren’t usually covered.

Some Freedom Broker policies will offer a measure of personal accident cover but don’t assume all will. Some policies will include disability benefit for personal accident claims but the amount can vary hugely. Again, check. 

The majority of policies will cover you for new car replacement cover as long as the car is within 12 months of its life and you’re the first registered owner. It’s your responsibility to double-check.  

Freedom Brokers optional extras

There’s a roster of extra car insurance options so you get exactly what you need, limiting exposure to your precious no-claims discount, should you need to claim.

Add-on legal cover can be bought with most Freedom Brokers policies. One of the most common benefits is motor legal protection (up to £100,000). However actual legal representation can be limited to your insurer’s own panel of solicitors, so check your specific policy for this detail. Some insurers will outsource extra legal cover.

Excess protection from Freedom Brokers costs £34.95 a year. It’s a useful extra if you’re concerned, for example, about no-fault accidents. Excess protection policies protect you from a variety of no-fault outcomes – flooding, fire, attempted theft or vandalism. The precise amount of excess varies from policy to policy. Check to see that it covers you for European travel also as this can be policy dependent.

Freedom Brokers’ breakdown cover starts at £44.95 a year for UK roadside breakdown but with no recovery or homestart. UK breakdown & recovery costs £54.95. You can also buy extra UK ‘total breakdown’ cover on top for £64.95, which includes overnight accommodation expenses and other benefits.   

Key cover here costs £19.95 a year (bike and car) which protects you if your keys are accidentally lost, stolen or damaged. There’s onward transport costs of up to £75 a day thrown in plus accommodation costs of up to £120 if you can’t access your own property as a consequence.

What is Freedom Brokers car insurance best for?

  • Female drivers

  • Anyone wanting a black box option

  • Anyone liking a ‘challenger’ new entrant to the market 

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