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Got You Covered car insurance

Got You Covered is a niche insurance player focused on drivers with convictions and harder-to-cover motorists generally. That’s not to say it won’t cover drivers with less tricky motoring histories.

How good is Got You Covered car insurance?

Trustpilot: 4.4/5 stars

Trustpilot (October 2020) rates Got You Covered with an excellent 4.4/5 score. Staff are praised for their use of clear English and humour. Many reviewers felt their premium was good value. 

Reviews.io: 2/5 stars

Nimblefins gave Got You Covered 2 stars but the sample size is unclear.

About Got You Covered insurance

As well as being a niche insurer for those with driving convictions, it also offers good value if you’ve a performance or prestige car, it claims. So broadly, it's a non-standard vehicle insurer. 

Surrey-based Got You Covered claims they work with 15 leading insurers to track down the best quote, whatever your record. Their panel includes insurance players like Ageas, Sabre and Zenith.

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Value for money?

Value for money is at the heart of this independent broker’s promise though, as with most policies, the premium pivots on your history, post code and vehicle details.   

Breakdown cover is not guaranteed, meaning you need to shop around from another provider, or buy it as an ‘extra’. It may make sense to do both: websites like USwitch make this easy.  

Got You Covered includes European cover as part of its comprehensive insurance offering. Lost car keys and replacement locks are offered, up to £400 on some policies. Basic medical expenses protection is also offered as standard on some policies too. 

Got You Covered car insurance policies

Got You Covered car insurance offer three choices of cover:

  • Fully comprehensive

  • Third party, fire and theft 

  • Third party only

No short-term cover is offered currently by Got You Covered.

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Got You Covered offered black box cover in the past but not any more.

Got You Covered standard car insurance cover

Standard fully comprehensive features depend heavily on the policy sourced by your broker. However most Got You Covered policies should include: 

  • A courtesy car if your vehicle is beyond immediate and economical repair though many courtesy cars will be of modest size and engine capacity, be advised

  • Windscreen protection including most basic repairs or replacement

  • Cover for travel in any EU country though the range of protection can be limited, depending on policy

  • Personal belongings cover including basic protection for games, radios and some audio visual equipment. Many policies include lap-tops and mobiles separately under gadget and mobile ‘phone protection

  • Personal accident cover is generally offered though this is not a substitute for life cover; serious injury or death pay-outs can be limited to as little as £5,000, depending on policy

  • A 24-hour helpline is standard on most policies but not all may be UK-based. Do check

The vast majority of policies will include the cost of repair or replacement of broken windscreens or windows without the loss of your No Claim Discount. Many policies will insist the work is done by an approved repairer and you may be required to pay the first £100 of each claim.

If your car’s beyond immediate repair a courtesy car is usually provided, subject to availability. Bear in mind an approved repairer and the insurer can disagree whether a vehicle is ‘repairable’. Some insurers have the right to withdraw the courtesy car if this is the case.

Most policies supply European cover for 60 days and some extend this to 90 days as standard. In some cases there may be a claim excess to pay if the driver has held a licence for under a year, for example Zenith. This is down to you to check.

Fully comp cover gives you some standard personal belongings protection though lap-tops and mobile ‘phones aren’t included, typically. Some policies are less generous, limiting a total claimable amount to just £100 (Zenith, again).

Personal accident cover isn’t that generous on most fully comp car policies. An ERS fully comp policy from Got You Covered will pay out £7,000 in the case of accidental death. Some policies may not pay out if anyone is aged 70 or higher.

Most replacement car cover policies will be valid as long as the car is inside the first 12 months of its registered life and you’re the first registered owner. If you bought your car on a pre-reg deal you will be the vehicle’s second registered owner, not its first. 

Got You Covered optional extras

Extra car insurance options can be a useful ‘booster’ for your peace of mind. Especially if the basic fully comp policy won’t sufficiently cover important ‘must have’s’ like breakdown cover. Let’s take a further look what Got You Covered options are on offer.

Got You Covered’s add-on legal cover – worth up to £100,000 of protection – includes a courtesy car and this courtesy vehicle is also included in the event of a non-fault accident. Depending on the policy offered, legal representation is most likely to come from the insurer’s own in-house panel, limiting your choice of representation – just so you’re aware.

Got You Covered’ breakdown cover is a higher-than-average £80 a year including home assist, European cover, punctures, battery issues, misfuelling plus vandalism and fire protection. It also includes lost or damaged keys, meaning you don’t have to pay separately for key cover. It also includes emergency overnight accommodation cover. This is normally extra on many policies. 

Depending on the policy you choose you can be covered for up to £30,000 (there’s three thresholds including £15,000 and £25,000 to choose from) if you or any of your passengers have an accident getting in or out of the car.

If you get a scratch or dent on your vehicle this policy – £58 a year – allows you to make up to three claims a year without bothering your excess, though you pay the first £50. 

If you have an accident and you need a courtesy car, you’re covered on a like-for-like vehicle basis for £45 a year. Even if the accident is your fault.

What is Got You Covered car insurance best for?

  • Harder-to-insure motorists with motoring convictions

  • Those living in higher risk postcodes

  • Foreign drivers and those with low No Claims Bonus Discounts

Complaints data

The Financial Ombudsman Service received fewer than 10 complaints about Got you covered motor insurance in the first half of 2020. To put that in context, 67 firms had 10 or more complaints each and those totalled 4,550 complaints. Nearly 200 firms had fewer than 10 each, sharing just 479 complaints between them.

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