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Screentrade car insurance

Screentrade is a car insurance broker that has been around in different incarnations for over 20 years. It was one of the early online insurance brokers when it launched in 1997.

How good is Screentrade car insurance?

Review Centre: 2.2/5 stars

Not many people seem to have reviewed Screentrade. There are just nine reviews on review centre and none on any of the other common review sites. 

None of the reviews on Review Centre is that recent so the problems highlighted may no longer be relevant.

Of the nine reviewers, 33% would recommend Screentrade as a car insurer.

About Screentrade insurance

Screentrade was bought by Lloyds TSB in 2001 with Devitt looking after the car insurance side of things. Devitt, more famous for motorbike insurance, bought Screentrade in 2011 and relaunched it in 2014.

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The brand seems a bit neglected these days with the most recent posts on its Facebook site dating from 2016. 

The most recent blog post on the Screentrade website is also from 2016. Similarly, the Screentrade Twitter account last tweeted in 2016.

And the “Our Story” part of the Screentrade website only takes you up to 2014, adding to the impression that it’s all been rather forgotten about.

Screentrade car insurance policies

Screentrade standard car insurance cover

Screentrade car insurance optional extras

What is Screentrade car insurance best for?

As there are hardly any reviews for Screentrade it is hard to assess who the company would suit best for car insurance.

Screentrade doesn’t seem to target any particular type of customer so it may be worth trying the company for a quote if you are after standard car insurance. 

If you are looking for more specialist car insurance, a company that advertises cover for young drivers or those with modified cars, for example, might be more what you are looking for. 

And bear in mind that nothing seems to have happened with the Screentrade brand for the past few years so you may be better off trying Screentrade’s parent company, Devitt.

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