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Ticker car insurance

Ticker is a 100% telematics insurer. It’s car insurance rewards good drivers with lower cost insurance and is aimed at young and new drivers. Its target market are those who follow the rules of the road – the better your driving, the greater a discount.

How good is Ticker car insurance?

Trustpilot: 4/5 stars

The customer review website, Trustpilot, gives Ticker a great rating of 4.0 based on 439 reviews.

Feefo: 4.7/5 stars

Feefo gives Ticker 4.7 out of five based on 175 service ratings over the past year, with customer experience scoring 4.7 and product rating scoring 4.6.

About Ticker insurance

Ticker is a relatively new insurance start up backed by Gary Linneker and ex-Formula 1 driver, Mark Blundell. The Telematics insurer launched in March 2019. 

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Telematics is the vehicle tracking technology also called a black box that is fitted to cars by insurers to measure the way you drive. Many insurers have to fit the black box to your car, but with Ticker the box is self-installed. Affixed the box to your windscreen and drive.   

Once you’ve signed up for a policy with Ticker, you’ll receive a small round box which holds an accelerometer, GPS and a battery designed to last for at least your policy year. 

The peel and stick mean it’s easy to affix to your car. Then download the app and pair with your mobile and off you drive. The data, sent to Ticker via the app, will determine your renewal quote. There is an option for a parent to sign up for a policy and insure their child as a named driver. 

Ticker assumes those who want the box are likely to drive well and therefore offers a better price upfront. But it points out, “we keep an eye out just for the drivers behaving in a seriously dangerous way (which could lead to a crash) and ask them to find insurance elsewhere.” So fair warning. 

The data is apprised only at the end of the year to work out a renewal price eliminating any surprise price hikes during the year. There is no enforcement or reporting of driving over speed limits. However, it’s likely you’ll have to find insurance elsewhere. Ticker does not add a black mark on your insurance record either. 

Telematics does have its issues as complaints about inaccurate readings rise. Ticker says it keeps things simple by offering the best price first time. Nor do they impose curfews or price hikes and there are no surprise cancellations as some black box users have suffered (with the exception presumably of the warning above).  

Ticker car insurance policies

Ticker optional extras

What is Ticker car insurance best for?

  • for new drivers (young or new to the road - licence held for less than five years) 

  • learner drivers

  • new driver on parent’s policy

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