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What credit cards strengthen my credit rating?

What credit cards strengthen my credit rating?

Find out more about credit cards to build your credit and how to strengthen your credit rating to get better rates.

Having a credit application turned down because of a weak credit history can be a frustrating experience, but some cards – when used the right way - can help strengthen a credit rating.

Build your credit rating

Been refused credit in the past? Compare credit cards to improve your credit rating.

Build your credit rating

You can apply for a credit builder credit card, which are tailored for people with limited or bad credit.

Why do my card applications get declined?

Many applicants get turned away for having a poor credit history or not enough of one to begin with – this is because providers are generally unwilling to take risks on people who don't have a proven track record of good credit.

It therefore makes sense to check your credit file before you apply for any credit card, as knowing what it contains can help you to decide which card to apply for.

Strengthen my credit rating

For example, if your file shows you have good but not perfect credit score, you'll know not to apply for a credit card that requires applicants to have an excellent credit rating.

Not only will this save time, but it will also prevent rejected card applications becoming part of your credit history.

Frequent checks on your credit files over a short period of time looks bad to providers, and could negatively affect your credit rating.

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How can I improve my credit rating?

If your credit history is less than perfect, you may want to look into credit builder credit cards. These are specifically designed for people struggling with either a poor or limited credit rating and are effectively credit cards to build credit.

Credit builder cards can help to create a positive loan repayment history, as the very fact that you're seen to be successfully paying off a manageable debt each month gets noted on your credit file. Learn more about the credit cards that improve credit ratings in our dedicated guide.

The cards do have some drawbacks – for example, they can have higher than usual APRs, while the credit limits are often lower than on standard cards. However, a higher APR is a small price to pay for a card that could significantly help improve your credit rating in the long-term.

What's my credit score?

You can check your credit rating before applying for a bad credit credit card and compare credit checking services below:

Need help with your credit score? Read our guides to get more credit card help and find out more about how to improve your credit score.

Build your credit rating

Been refused credit in the past? Compare credit cards to improve your credit rating.

Build your credit rating

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