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Am I insured if I drive someone else's car?

Before you borrow a friend's of relative's car, do you know whether you're insured? Even if you have your own comprehensive car insurance policy, you may not be covered to drive another vehicle.

Electric vehicle charging station

Cheapest hybrids to insure?

The range of hybrids available on the market is now wide. With such abundant choice, you can afford to take the cost of insurance cover into consideration when making your choice. We reveal what you need to know.

Comprehensive car insurance

No deposit car insurance: is there such a thing?

Finding money for car insurance cover can be difficult, which is why no deposit car insurance is in high demand. But does this type of policy even exist?

The cars and regions most likely to fail their MOT

Uswitch finds out which cars are most and least likely to pass their MOT over time.

Using your car for Christmas decorating - how to avoid fines and stay safe

Uswitch have created a 'rule of thumb' list to help drivers stay safe on the road this Christmas, from transporting Christmas trees, bank holiday parking to social media trends.

Car overturned, emergency services

Car Insurance Claims | Everything you need to know

How long after an accident can you make a car insurance claim and how much does car insurance go up? Everything you need to know about car insurance claims.

Small red fiat car outside the Coliseum, Rome, Italy

The world's tourist attractions with the most affordable parking

Touring your chosen holiday spot in a car can means contending with the issue of pricey parking fees. So Uswitch has analysed the number of car parks nearby the most popular tourist destinations, as well as their average prices.

Broken supercars piled up

Most unreliable supercars

Supercars are out of the realms of affordability for most of us. But for all of that money, you’d also surely be expecting a top-quality vehicle that you can rely on. So Uswitch has discovered which models are the most unreliable.

Study reveals the ultimate playlists for these iconic road trips

For the most iconic road trips across the world, Uswitch has discovered the ultimate playlists to keep you entertained for the journey.

Car brand earnings

How much do the biggest automobile manufacturers make every second?

House insurance costs, value and policy cover

Saving Money on Your Home Insurance Renewal

Can you save money on your home insurance renewal? Read our guide and learn how to save by switching - then compare home quotes within minutes.

Home insurance, terraced houses row of windows

Home Insurance for Over 50s

In this guide, we explain all about uswitch home insurance for over 50s and over 60s and how you can save on your home and contents insurance. As you get older, some types of house insurance generally gets more expensive, but when it comes to home insurance the opposite happens.

Contents insurance for renters

Tenants Insurance for Rented Property

Compare tenants insurance for people renting a home. Read our guide to find out how you can benefit from renters insurance.

Shed and garage insurance

Shed and garage insurance

Are the contents of your shed or garage covered under your home insurance policy? Read our guide to find out how to protect and insure your outbuildings, with shed and garage contents insurance.

Pet damage home insurance

Pet damage home insurance

Is your home covered for damage caused by pets? Our guide explains what is included under accidental damage and can help you find the right home insurance.

Insuring your home with smart technology

New Build Home Insurance - Compare Quotes

Compare new build home insurance. Learn if you need to take out a new build house insurance on your property - you might be covered by builder's warranty.

Home contents insurance with mobile phone cover

Does Home Contents Insurance Cover Mobile Phones?

Are mobile phones covered by home insurance policy? Our guide explains how to use your home contents insurance to include your mobile phone.

Home insurance for subsidence-affected homes and other properties

Home Insurance for Property Subsidence

Compare home insurance quotes for properties affected by subsidence. Learn more about subsidence home insurance and non-standard cover. Subsidence is the caving in or sinking of an area of land, so if your home is affected then you may wish to speak to a specialist home insurance provider.

coloured doors

Non-standard home insurance

Non-standard home insurance can help protect a property against a range of circumstances that many of the standard insurers are not willing to cover.

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Seven steps to cheap home insurance

Finding discount home insurance may require luck but there are genuine steps you can take to find cheap home insurance policies.

High risk life insurance - Stethoscope

High risk life insurance

Read our guide to high risk life insurance and you'll learn how to find affordable life cover if your insurer considers you to be a high risk policyholder.

family in a field

Life insurance tips | Choose the best life insurance

Choosing the best life insurance policy can be confusing - read our life insurance tips before you compare and buy life insurance.

adult and child holding red heart

The difference between life insurance & life assurance

Learn about the differences between life insurance and life assurance in our guide, and easily compare comprehensive life insurance policies with Uswitch.

Life insurance tax | Is it taxable?

Life insurance tax | Is life insurance taxable?

Are life insurance payouts taxable? Our guide to life insurance tax outlines how to get tax free life insurance and compare quotes.

Getting life insurance after surviving a critical illness

Funeral plans and life insurance

A funeral plan is an easy way to plan ahead and beat rising funeral costs. Find out how to help cover the cost of a funeral and ensure peace of mind.

Getting life insurance after surviving a critical illness

How much does life insurance cost?

Find out how to get affordable life insurance in our guide, and learn how to find the best policy. Compare with Uswitch and get cover from just £5 a month.

Joint vs. separate life insurance policies

Joint vs. separate life insurance policies

Couples or those with a joint financial interest can choose to take out a joint life insurance policy or their own separate policies. But which is best?

Getting life insurance after surviving a critical illness

Finding life insurance companies|Life insurance types

Find out about level term life insurance, mortgage protection, critical illness and more - compare life insurance online with Uswitch today.

family in a field

Life insurance jargon buster

Confused about life insurance? Our guide cuts through the jargon and helps you understand life insurance terms, from the sum insured to writing into trust.

family in a field

How much life insurance do you need?

When taking out life insurance, it can be difficult to calculate much cover you need. Read our guide and find out how, then compare quotes with Uswitch.

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