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Motorbike insurance – Learn about motorcycle insurance

If you’re looking for cheap bike insurance you have to know what to look for. Learn all about motorcycle insurance and what to look for in a bike insurer with uSwitch.

How to cut your bike insurance costs

There are a number of different things you can do to help cut the cost of your bike insurance premium, including

  • Consider smaller insurance companies – many big name insurers don’t cover motorbikes so it pays to shop around and find cheap motorbike insurance
  • Choose the right level of cover and excess – don’t let low prices tempt you into buying a cheap motorbike insurance policy that doesn’t give you enough cover
  • If you can, pay for the whole year in advance – paying for your motorbike insurance on a monthly basis is usually far more expensive due to the interest charges
  • Try a price comparison site to compare quotes from lots of providers quickly and easily
  • Lastly, read our motorbike insurance guide for all the background knowledge you need to find the right deal