3G WiFi mobile phones

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3G WiFi mobile phones

3G WiFi mobile phones are handsets that are optimised for surfing the internet. 3G support on a mobile phone means you’ll enjoy a mobile internet experience that’s almost as satisfying and fast as a PC.

3G WiFi mobile phones also let you watch TV on your handset and even make video calls – all of which makes 3G WiFi mobiles a great choice for anyone who wants to do more with their handset than make calls and send text messages.

What advantages do 3G WiFi mobile phones offer?

Fast web browsing

A standard 3G WiFi mobile phone is capable of surfing the web at speeds of between 144Kbps and 2.4Mb. Phones that offer 3.5G or HSDPA support are even faster and can connect to the internet at up to 7.2MB. The latest iPhones from Apple support HSPA+, which offer even faster speeds of up to 14.4MB.

This means that you can expect to surf on the go as speedily as when using a home computer with a broadband connection.

Download content fast

The speed at which 3G WiFi phones can connect to the web makes it quick and easy to get hold of new music and videos straight to your handset. This is a boon if you’re regularly on the move and in need of entertainment.

On-demand TV

Mobile versions of the BBC iPlayer and Sky Mobile TV, which let you enjoy all the very best UK and US TV shows on-demand, are only compatible with 3G WiFi mobile phones.

Video calling

Video calling, whereby you and a caller can see one another on your phones' displays while conversing, is also only possible on 3G WiFi phones.

3D games and online gaming

3G mobile phones let you say goodbye to old fashioned games and instead offer thrilling 3D racing, shooting and platform titles that add a new dimension to mobile gaming. You can also play multiplayer games with several other players around the world, for an even better gaming experience.

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3G WiFi mobile phones and WiFi networks

3G WiFi mobile phone owners can get online for free whenever they are in range of public access WiFi hotspots or at home. This is a brilliant way of using the internet on your phone for no outlay and means that you don't eat into your monthly data allowance too!

Using a WiFi network also allows you to bypass conventional networks to make inexpensive long-distance calls over the web with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers such as Skype.

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What does the future hold for 3G WiFi?

Industry experts predict that 3G phone networks will be able to deliver speeds even greater than present in the years to come. This will make 3G WiFi mobile phones an essential companion for millions of internet users and is likely to spur the creation of a host of amazing new functions and service that harness the technology.

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