Dual SIM mobile phones

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Dual SIM mobile phones

Dual SIM mobile phones are handsets which allow you to fit two SIM (Subscriber Identity Modules) cards in one phone. Owners of dual SIM mobile phones can easily switch between SIMs through their handsets' menu and are contactable on two numbers on the same phone.

What are the advantages of dual SIM mobile phones?

Cost savings

Support for two SIMs means that you don’t have to pay out for two mobile phones in order to have two numbers.

Only carry one mobile phone

Dual SIM mobile phone owners need never carry around two handsets ever again, safe in the knowledge that they are reachable by business acquantainces and friends and family at all times.

Cheaper call rates

Phones of this type mean that you can choose between two networks and rates and use the SIM which allows to make a particular call for less outlay.


Dual SIM mobile phones are a great choice for anyone who wants to use the same phone to take business-related calls and those from friends and family.

Switching between SIMs is simply a case of selecting an option on the handset's menu. This is much less cumbersome and quicker than opening up the handset each time you want to use a different SIM.

Great for working overseas

Dual SIM mobiles phones allow business travelers to insert a SIM from a foreign phone network. This means that they can use their dual SIM mobile to make local calls for cheaper rates. Meanwhile, they are still reachable all the time by friends and family on their home SIM.

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Which companies make dual SIM mobile phones?

Dual SIM mobile phones are available from most major manufacturers. Among these are Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and LG.

Who are dual SIM mobile phones suitable for?

Business users really appreciate the way that dual SIM mobile phones make it easier for them to juggle their home and working lives.

However, dual SIM mobile phones have also found favour with everyday users due to the impressive cost savings they can offer. Some users may want the benefits offered by more than one network.

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Do I have to use a dual SIM phone to use two SIMS?

Not necessarily. Nowadays, handy gadgets are available that let people adapt their standard handset into a dual SIM model. However, these sometimes require you to manually cut the SIMs so they will fit, which carries a risk of damage.

A further disadvantage is that owners of adapted phones can only take calls on one number at a time, unlike factory-made dual SIM mobile phones.

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