Slide mobile phones

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Slide mobile phones

What is a slide mobile phone?

Slide mobile phones are handsets with dual segments that open up using a sliding mechanism.

On early slide mobile phones, the upper section was usually home to the phone’s display while the lower section housed the keypad. Modern slide mobile phones, such as those with an arc slider form factor, contain more than one section and feature everything from a slide-out Qwerty keyboard that offers fast and easy typing - or a second screen.

Slider form factors are now commonly employed by highly powerful business handsets, such as the Nokia E7 and the BlackBerry Torch range, as well as must-have consumer models such as the Milestone line from Motorola Motorola and the Xperia range from Sony.

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Why opt for a slide mobile phone?

Thanks to their two-part form factor, slide mobile phones are much more compact than traditional handsets. They are easier to use, feature larger screens and look great, too. Better yet, because of the slide-out mechanism, they are able to pack large Qwerty keyboards, too, making them great for typing long emails and documents.

Additionally, slide mobile phones let users start and end calls without having to press a button or even look at the screen, making them ideal for users with busy lifestyles.

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Choosing a slide mobile phone

There are a number of factors to consider in selecting a slide mobile phone. We recommend that you look out for models with smooth, but solid slider mechanisms, which will ensure that the phone won’t open up when it’s in your pocket or become loose from extensive use.

Also of importance is whether the slide mobile phone you pick out gives you to access to the features you use most frequently, without having to open up the phone each time.

Finally, we suggest you always check whether the camera is located behind the rear section of the phone or behind the front, slide-out section of the phone, as the latter would require you to slide the phone open each time you want to use the camera. On the flip side, this would also protect the camera from damage. So it is important to consider which is more important to you.

Sony slide mobile phones

Sony has released a huge collection of slide mobile phones as part of its Xperia range and has enjoyed huge success each time.

Nokia slide mobile phones

Nokia’s music-focussed X3 slide mobile phone features outstanding looks and excellent multimedia features, including dedicated buttons to control the music without having to slide open the handset.

Nokia’s E7, on the other hand is slide mobile phone for the business users who demand a capacious QWERTY keyboard and powerful processor for multi-tasking and fast web browsing. Features include a brilliant eight-megapixel camera and thousands of downloadable applications from the Ovi Store.

Samsung slide mobile phones

The Samsung Tocco range and the Samsung C3050 have brought new levels of style and sophistication to slide mobile phones. Add this to their amazing array of features and intuitive touchscreens and you’ve got everything you could want from a slide mobile phone.

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